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Our $16,000,000 Laser Power Swing Trainer Program

Eric Thames purchased a Laser Power Swing Trainer in late 2016, seeking a way to improve bat speed; hoping to attract the attention of MLB teams. A couple of months later, Eric signed a $16,000,000 with the Milwaukee Brewers, breaking their home run record for the first month of the season.

Late August 2016

Clinton Balgera

“I just had a quick look at your swing. Bad news, your swing, more specifically your rotation on deeper contact zones needs works. Good news, you’re raking in Korea with your swing running at 60% of capacity.

… Mate, if you’ve aspirations to get back to the big leagues, the Laser Power Swing Trainer will get you there, advanced Laser Blast drills will fix your problems. You’re probably one of most gifted athletes playing baseball today. If you do this right, I have not doubt you will dominate. I feel sorry for pitchers ;)”

Eric Thames

“Dude….you are spot on! As you saw, my hip rotation has been lagging for years! Even in the big leagues. I’m not satisfied to be at 60% I’m ready to strap this thing on and get to work.”

Clinton Balgera

“…How are you swinging it these days?”

Eric Thames

“Yeah man, been crushing it. Thanks!”





Your hands are leading your swing; you need to practice hips leading your hands. This will help you to achieve consistent back foot rotation, stay back and stay balanced.

Under-rotation over-rotation of your back foot, indicating over-swinging or swinging too much with your upper body as opposed to your explosive core. I know you can’t be balanced and in perfect position for every swing, however, I noticed a pattern with your back foot rotation and your balance in the box. Rotation, in particular, back foot rotation provides excellent insight into potential swing problems.

You’re also trying to hit a deep contact zone pitch with a top hand release swing. When you do this you’re fighting the natural swing path for contact closer to your body (up-inside-fastball), your swing path for deeper contact zones should be short-to-short/explosive.

I noticed you start almost half turned with your back; I use to do that to help me with getting to the ball. However, it doesn’t make a difference to power on the inside fastball, unless you know how to rotate your back foot from your hips.

Take the time to watch our basic rotation videos, explaining more about how to swing with your core.


Focus more on your hips and less on your arms, advanced Laser Blast drills will help. You have to let go of the idea of swinging with your arms and start turning with your hips. It’s like the matrix; you need to free your mind. Forget about all you know about swinging with your arms and start thinking about turning with your hips.

Work on improving the foundation of your swing. I”d recommend you reduce the in turn of your back foot, allowing you to be more comfortable in a spread out stance. Your improved rotation will get you to the ball on time.


  • Any tee or toss drill (front and side)
  • Up close over-hand drill (coach sits down on a chair and throws the ball)
  • Regular B.P (on field or in the cage
  • Facing one of your pitchers live

Now here’s how it’s going to go down. Grab a heavy bat….

  • Take three rounds of Laser Power Swing Trainer Top-Hand Side Toss
  • Heavy bat top hand side toss is your money drill, being a left-hit/right-throw player this will enable you to hit up-in-deep contact zone 500ft straight down the line with backspin.
  • Swinging the bat with your core is the only way you can hit the dominant fastball pitchers
  • I use a 34inch Mizuno heavy training bat for this drill, you’re strong, so I’d recommend you do the same. The heavy bat exposes any player who tries to arm their swing.
  • Once you grasp this concept, get into the cage for Laser Blast Front Toss Get one of your coaches to watch you from side-on.

Laser Blast Front Toss Round 1

Belt high/middle-to-inside locations

Get your coach to randomly mix in some balls down and out of the strike zone and don’t swing.

Make sure you take the pitch at the very last second, don’t disconnect your arms from your core; instead drive your back elbow into your torso while keeping your hands stay back.

This allows your core muscles to take the full force of your momentum when you hold your swing; this is how you can “hold up” on a late-breaking change-up or slider in a game. You can only do this with correct core rotation, for example; hips-before-hands.

Eric Thames Laser Blast Advanced Drills And Tips

Laser Blast Front Toss Round 2

Higher and Inside


Once your are comfortable get your coach to toss you up-and-inside.

Mix in some balls up to 3-to-6 inches off the inside edge of home plate. Don’t take the pitch, instead try to hit every pitch and try to stay in the pull side alley. You’ll surprise yourself with how far inside your can hit when you stay connected.

This is something you have to see for yourself, once you crush 5-10 up-and-in pitches; hitting the ball with backspin and keeping the ball in fair territory, it will all start to click, and everything else progresses quickly.

Multi-Swing Method


Up to you if want to practice with Multi-Swing Method, but I recommend you do.

Players with experience are more likely to comprehend my advanced level Multi-Swing Method, working hand-in-hand with The Laser Power Swing Trainer.

Long Story Short, the Multi-Swing Method states your contact zone will determine your mechanics. It teaches you to hit all contact zones for power, providing a method to hit for a high batting average while maintaining or improving your home run production.

I can see you’re a Left-Hit Right-Throw guy (same as me). Players who are bottom-hand dominant hitters have a top-hand release follow through, hitting the low ball, however, struggle with up-and-in; contact closer to the body

Most big league teams and coaches train a top-hand dominant swing (most being right-hand right-throw), encouraging players to pre-determine their swing path and look for a mistake pitch up in the zone (90% of the time this is a hanging slider). The problem with this technique is sometimes you don’t get a hanging pitch to hit. Hence the super high strikeout rate in today’s modern MLB games.

On the other hand, our Multi-Swing Method trains you to be both; a good top-hand and bottom-hand hitter, providing the skills to hit all pitches and locations for power.

Multi-Swing Method Drill Sequence

Baseball Swing Trainer

Our baseball swing trainer instantly increases bat speed, strengthens hitting muscles, and guides you to a perfect swing path; developing “muscle memory” for a powerful, and precise game day swing.