Get more bat speed for power, and accuracy when making contact with the baseball.

Spring Training Hitting Drills

Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Hitting Aid


Top-Hand Heavy Bat Laser Power Swing Trainer Drill, Improves All 3 Parts Of The Power Hitting Equation.

Teaches rotational mechanics and improves core power by isolating the explosive rotational phase of your swing.
You can’t swing a heavy bat by itself. This will improve your strength, but it won’t train bat speed and technique (rotational mechanics).
Strength by itself will not equal power. You can be a big strong guy but you don’t have speed or technique you won’t be a consistent power hitter.
If you’re a smaller guy you might have speed, therefor you need to train for strength and technique in order to improve your power swing.
Combining a heavy bat with the Laser Power Swing Trainer improves bat speed, core strength and technique, which is the perfect recipe for power hitting.

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Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Hitting Aid


Drill – Laser Blast Side Toss
Rounds – 3
Swings Per Round – 20
Improves – Hands inside the baseball, rotational hitting, top hand strength, high ball hitting, power, hitting the inside pitch, deep contact zone hitting
Prevents – Reaching for the ball, lunging at the ball, long swing, flying open, poor rotational mechanics, ground balls, strike outs, dipping and pop ups.

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Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Hitting Aid

Advanced Power Program

If you have any doubt in your head about hitting, this will show itself during your game day at-bats, in the form of rushing your swing and flying open with the front shoulder (this is all controlled by the crucial role of the subconscious mind when hitting in a game).

  • 2-Arms strapped inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer power hitting aid. 34 inch + weighted heavy training bat. The heavy training bat forces you to use your hips.
  • Laser Whip batting practice to help with powerful extension.

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Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

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