During your swing load, and seperation your back elbow moves away from your body; pushing against the Laser Power Swing Trainer. Patented Exoprecise resistance, strengthens your power hitting muscles, improves mechanics; releasing triggers a boost in bat speed to start your swing.

Advanced Baseball Power Hitting

Multi-Swing Method

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“During the conceptualization stages of inventing and patenting Exoprecise Technology, which powers the Laser Power Swing Trainer; I developed my Multi-Swing Method.

The Multi-Swing Method defines two primary swing types. Contact close to your body, and away from your body; each requiring unique mechanics for success. Comparing the contact zones, note the difference in the swing circumference, height of the back elbow, movement of the stride, and the use of top and bottom hands on the follow through.

For example, Laser Whip drills, you’ve the option to use a one-hand finish to improve contact away from your body; you don’t have to follow this method, you can finish with two-hands if you choose. Laser Blast drills, set to high resistance; isolate contact closer to your body.

Improve contact further away from your body; adding to a player’s current strength, hitting deeper locations; and improve bottom hand mechanics to hit change-ups, hanging sliders, and hard-and-outside pitches. Left-hand hit, and right-hand throw players, using a two hand follow through are bottom hand swing dominant, however, using a top hand dominant swing type (two hand follow through). The goal is balancing your power swing by improving bottom-hand strength, and mechanics, allowing for power hitting in multiple locations; in this case, improving contact further away from your body.

It’s up to you if you want to follow the Multi-Swing Method, the Laser Power Swing Trainer morphs to your mechanics, therefore you can hit your way.”

Clinton Balgera, inventor; Laser Power Swing Trainer

Laser Whip: Remove your front arm from our Laser Power Swing Trainer, super-boosting bat speed, power, and extension.
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