Our patented Laser Power Swing Trainer exerts 360-degrees of Exoprecise Resistance, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing to your body’s natural motion, as the movement of your elbows activates a pushing force; strengthening precise batting muscles, triggering bat speed, and maneuvers your upper-body to train “connected” mechanics. You’ll enjoy the feel, of a powerful and precise swing.

Sport Precise Training

Power Hitting Performance

The outdated, “Sport Specific” training method mimics the body’s natural swing motion, attempting to improve performance, for example, swinging a weighted bat, or hitting weighted baseballs. Sport Precise training does not mimic, nor, is it specific; it is precise!

Our Laser Power Swing Trainer accommodates a world-first Sport Precise training method. Activating and strengthening precise power hitting muscles, improving bat speed, and mechanics; throughout regular batting practice.


Navigating Your Power Swing

Throughout your swing, our hitting trainer exerts the precise amount of resistance to your elbows, navigating the optimal distance from your body; improving mechanics, and fixing mistakes.

Laser Power Swing Trainer


Unrestricted Power Hitting

Our swing trainer provides a full range of motion for batting practice, throughout repetitive and “automatic” drills (hitting without thinking); critical to activating the “automatic” power hitting muscles.


Strengthening Power Hitting Muscles

Throughout your baseball and softball swing, movement of the elbows away from your body creates an outward pushing force, producing the precise amount of resistance to strengthen “automatic” power hitting muscles.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
The final explosion of bat speed

Throughout your powerful #Baseball and #Softball swing, resistance and acceleration harmoniously interact, culminating in an explosion of bat speed during your follow through.The launch of acceleration to start your swing continues to catapult your bat head, after completion of the "staying through the ball" swing phase, the elbows reach an apex of distance; away from your body's center/core. At this time our unrivaled #BatSpeed trainer expands, applying a pushing force to the left and right side, as you release from the resistance, our #LaserPowerSwingTrainer contracts, triggering a final boost of bat speed, sequencing your arms to return to the body's center/core as you finish a professional follow through.Our world first, "#SportPrecise" method encourages an automatic body-mind response, stimulating the growth of fast-twitch muscle fibers, and shoulder acceleration muscles, to energize your baseball and softball swing. After 30-50 practice swings in the batting cage, on the field, or dry swings at home; remove our power hitting aid, feeling the ignition of bat speed. Resulting in more power to skyrocket your home run production.https://hitlasers.com #BaseballSwingTrainer for #MLB #MinorLeague #CollegeBaseball #HighSchoolBaseball #YouthBaseball & #YouthSoftball https://www.instagram.com/baseball_power_swing_trainer/ ⚾💪😎🎯💥

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At the time your elbows reach the apex of a movement away from the body, exerting the maximum pushing force, releasing from resistance accelerates the return.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Feel More Bat Speed

Elite #SouthKorea High School: No #hitting trainer is more time efficient and effective. Feel more #BatSpeed and consistency with a powerful and repeatable #baseballswing / #baseball #softball #batting #LaserPowerSwingTrainer https://hitlasers.com/shop/

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Exoprecise Design


Our batting trainer produces a precise amount of resistance (Exoprecise Resistance), using a silky-smooth, lightweight, and intuitive design; accommodating an unrestricted swing throughout your batting practice.

Laser Power Swing Trainer


Applying a circumference of ExopreciseResistance, surrounding the torso, positioning below your chest; or mid-chest for well-endowed women. Delivering a full range of motion for hitting, responding to your body; simultaneously expanding and contracting, advancing your strength, bat speed, and mechanics.

Laser Power Swing Trainer



Delivering a simple solution to adjust the size and resistance settings, accommodating to extra-small and extra-large players.


#EXOPRECISE DESIGN TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED ENGINEERING Our #hitting trainer produces a precise amount of resistance (Exoprecise Resistance), using a silky-smooth, lightweight, and intuitive design; accommodating an unrestricted swing throughout your #batting practice. https://hitlasers.com/how-it-works/

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Adjust the size for a snug-fit, anchoring the ExopreciseMorph throughout your explosive swing. Stretch, and slide your arms inside. For best performance position on the skin, directly above your elbows, alternatively, wear around your sleeves.

Laser Power Swing Trainer


Sliding and aligning each ExopreciseAnchorX to the hip bones, streamlining the performance of your Laser Power Swing Trainer.


Secures the Exoprecise-Morph around your torso, aligning to the spine, improving balance and performance.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer

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Customers include MLB players and elite NCAA programs

Mashing! Barreling everything, with backspin pull-side; not getting his usual hook-spin…gave that look of, oh I felt that…it was impressive, our head coach kept looking at me and, raising his eyebrows. The swing trainer is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball.

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii.


Laser Power Swing Trainer

Our Laser Power Swing Trainer improves bat speed, strength and mechanics.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Seamlessly integrate our baseball hitting tool into your batting practice.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Exopower the science of baseball power swing batting practice.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Quickstart guide for sizing, and fitting. Available in PDF, video, and image formats.