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Automatic Mechanics


The following 12 point checklist covers the basics of Laser Blast, automatic/reflex hitting mechanics, Multi-Swing Method.


To isolate your swing’s, “Blast Phase” by reducing the influence of your weaker extremity muscles; we recommend decreasing your stride. *You can train Laser Blast drills with a bigger/longer stride if you choose. It’s important to understand a big stride works well for extended contact zones. However, the more movement in your swing, the less time you have to react to a dominant fastball.

Laser Power Swing Trainer


Why? If your back foot is too open, it takes longer to rotate. Slow rotation correlates to reduced bat speed.

STEP 2: Stride Out A Few Inches Past Shoulder Width

Why? Isolate your swing’s, “Blast Phase” and improve balance. If you’re too narrow in your, batting stance; you’re more likely to fall off-balance.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 3: Make Sure Your Front Foot Is Pointing Straight

Why? Starting in your batting stance with your front foot open increases the likelihood of planting too open, triggering a “pulling off the ball,” chain reaction; in particular with a pitch toward the outside of home plate

STEP 4: Get Off Your Heels And Allow The, “Inside Balls Of Your Feet” To Take Your Weight.

Lean Slightly Forward And Visualize A Large Swiss/Balance Ball Between Your Legs.

Why? Engaging your core muscles, via your groin and buttock helps to stay “Quiet in the box,” balanced, improving power and preventing a lunge and reach swing. When you’re in your batting stance, your movement is “side-to-side.” Your quadriceps work with forward, and “up-and-down,” movements, your groins, and glutes work for, “side-to-side.” Bending forward, “knees-over-toes” disconnects your powerful core muscles as your weaker quadriceps and knees take the pressure. Additionally, the pressure on your knees increases the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 5: Relax Your Shoulders, Arms, and Hands And Focus On Seeing The Ball

Why? Reducing upper body tension and minimizing upper body movement isolate your swing’s, “Blast Phase.” Focusing 100% on tracking the pitch avoids over-thinking to invoke your, “reflex swing.” Your reflex muscles are your fastest moving muscles, giving the best chance for success when facing dominant pitchers.

Gameday Tips

Gameday #HittingTips - The on-deck circle, and batter's box. Confidence, load/timing, release point, tracking, and situational #Hitting. See more Presented by #ClintonBalgera - Inventor of #Exoprecise the driving force behind the #LaserPowerSwingTrainer - Founder #MultiSwingMethod

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STEP 6: To Begin Your Swing Pick Up The Front Foot, And Turn Your Knee In.

Slightly Tilt, The Front Shoulder Down; Pointing At Your Front Knee.

Why? Improves core power by initiating internal rotation of your hips as your knee turns into your center axis. Counter-balancing; to keep your shoulders square. Lifting and turning your front foot off the ground during your softball, and baseball swing load causes a tilt in your hips, dip in your shoulders and wrapping the bat around your body.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 7: Load, “Against Your Back Leg.”

Why? Loading against your back leg prevents disengagement from your core. As discussed previously, if your knees go beyond your toes; you’ll reduce bat speed and trigger mistakes such as; “dipping your shoulders” and “spinning off the ball.”

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 8: Lead Your Swing With Your Core.

Keep Your Back Arm Connected To Your Rib Cage Until You’ve Made Your Decision To Swing or Take.

Why? Leading your softball, and baseball power swing with the core/hips, opposed, to the hands/arms; improves bat speed, power, allowing you to “hold the swing” at the last moment; detecting late movement, out of the strike zone.

Core Control Center - The core controls your leg turning - Hands stay back

STEP 9: Track The Path Of The Pitch Before Committing To Your Swing

Why? Allows your reflexes to take over to improve bat speed and pitch recognition. Tracking the ball is an excellent way to fix casting, lunging, striking out, and pulling off the ball.

Expert Tips: 2-Strike Approach

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STEP 10: Spin On Your Toes

Turning Your Back Foot From Your Core (Back Hip Joint) As Opposed To Using Your Knee

Why? The faster your rotation, the faster your swing. Turning from your core (back hip) provides speed for momentum required to take the weight off your back foot. If you turn your back foot from your knee, you disengage your core, slow your rotation, and as a result, you’ll be unable to spin on your back toes.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 11: Stay Connected With Your Swing, Head Down At Contact

Why? The literal meaning for “hands-inside-the-ball” is keeping your back arm close to your torso during your swing. It’s crucial to bat speed; your back elbow stays as close to your hips (core) until you decide to commit to your swing.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

STEP 12: Higher And Deeper Contact Zones Avoid Lifting On The Follow Through.

Keep 2 Hands On The Bat.

Why? Hitting a high pitch with a flat bat plane will lift the ball for you. Lifting on your follow through will knock your head off the ball, causing you to fall off-balance as you over-rotate on your back foot and fight against your natural swing path. Avoid releasing your top hand, this technique is designed for extended contact and does not work well when facing a dominant fastball.

Basic Multi-Swing Method Drill

#MultiSwingMethod side-toss using our #LaserPowerSwingTrainer Part 1, #LaserBlast Deep: Hitting a dominant fastball with less time to react, creating power contact; closer to the body. Part 2, Laser Blast Mid: Hitting an average fastball, with contact further away from the body. See more

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