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Six Simple Drills And Tips To Fix Pulling Off The Ball

Tips and drills to fix pulling off the ball

The following article discusses the main reasons for “flying open” with your front shoulder too early in your swing; providing a step-by-step format, video drills, and tips. Designed to help you to stay closed, critical for hitting “low and outside” and “off-speed” pitches.

Part 1 Visual and Mental

Most of the time, “pulling off” the baseball or softball, is not mechanical; it’s a visual and mental flaw triggering the problem.

1. The Overswing Effect

Avoid predetermining to “pull the ball” or thinking to swing as hard as you can, to hit a home run. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and controls/triggers critical parts of your game day swing. For example, thoughts of “pulling the ball,” subconscious mind communicates to your body, triggering you to rush your swing.

2. Close Your Mind and Open Your Eyes

If you can’t see the ball, you will fly open. Focus on the pitcher’s release point, clearing your mind of all thoughts.
This method naturally helps you to track the ball, allowing the ball to travel, giving you time to read the pitch and preventing you from starting your swing too early. Additionally, triggering your “natural reflex swing.” Ultimately, improves your; timing, bat speed and helps you to “stay closed” with your front shoulder.

3. Develop Your Hitting Approach

Lack of a disciplined hitting approach creates the habit of “flying open.” The most straightforward method to prevent “flying open” is to practice hitting the ball “up the middle” to the “opposite field.” Focus on a target area during batting practice, aiming for your location. Developing a disciplined approach fixes many mistakes.

Part 2 Physical Hitting Mechanics

Drills and tips on how to use your core and keep your head down.

4. Train to use your core

Attempting to fix, “pulling off the ball,” coaches focus on the upper half of the swing. In fact, staying closed and staying is an issue triggered by incorrect “core hitting” mechanics.

5. Keep your head down

Minimize head movement during the entire swing, especially at the point of contact, and on your follow through. Place a hat in front of home plate, focusing your eyes on the hat after contact.

Place Hat In Front Plate

6. Laser Blast Front Toss

Laser Blast front toss instantly fixes pulling off the ball. Increase the resistance of your Laser Strap by reducing the size, preventing players from reaching; the only option is to hit the ball closer to the body; helping to “stay closed.”

  • Resistance: Medium to strong
  • Set Up: Both arms inside your Laser Strap
  • Pitch Height: Thigh to belly-button
  • Pitch Location: Middle to inside
  • Approach: Hit the ball up the middle or to the ally’s
Strength & Bat Speed Drill

Training Option 3) MULTI-SWING METHOD Advanced Laser Blast - force/core power: power contact close to your body’s center (condense) Advanced Laser Blast drills, set to high tension; isolating deeper contact zones. Example; hitting a dominant +95 mph fastball where time decreases to cover distance due to the increase in speed. Therefore, contact is closer to your body. HIT YOUR WAY The Laser Strap Is Adjustable And Morphs To Your Swing. Therefore, You Can Swing Any Way You Decide. STRENGTH, SPEED AND PRECISION TOOL; IMPROVING POWER FOR ALL TYPES OF SWINGS. Swinging uninhibited, our Laser Strap is adaptable to all hitting methods. Implement your current hitting program with any drill. Standard Laser Blast: Mid-resistance with both arms inside, Standard Isolation: Remove either arm for isolation drills. For example, Standard Laser Whip; Mid-resistance removing your front arm. Learn about the 3 ways to train https://hitlasers.com/bs/cc/sw/

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