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7 Simple Drills And Tips To Fix Pulling Off The Ball

Staying connected improves bat speed, contact accuracy, and reduces strikeouts when facing a dominant fastball pitcher.

Image: The time your front shoulder opens during a swing, varies with pitch location, and contact depth. For example, your front shoulder mechanics for hitting a “hanging slider,” is different to swinging at an “up and inside fastball.”


The following article provides simple tips, and hitting drills to stop pulling off the baseball; including physical, and mental batting tips; quickly fixing flying open too early with your head, front shoulder, and hips.

To fix a long swing relax, track the ball, and stay within yourself to avoid overswinging.

Image: Correct batting stance mechanics prevents flying off the baseball.

Video Summary

Looking for a simple hitting drill to fix for pulling off the ball? Place your hat two feet in front of home plate, make sure you can see it; after you finish your baseball swing.

Drills for pulling off the baseball. Physical, and mental tips to stop pulling off the ball, and flying open with your head, front shoulder, and hips.

Image: Timing the release of your front shoulder is critical for power hitting, and increasing your batting average. You can acquire this skill by improving your batting practice discipline, for example, hitting the baseball “up the middle,” and “opposite field.”

Mind And Vision

In many instances, “pulling off” the baseball or softball, is not a physical, or mechanical problem; it’s mental, and vision.

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Avoid conscious thoughts triggering you to fly open, for example, “I’m going to pull the baseball, and hit it for a 500 ft home run.” The subconscious mind is a powerful beast, controlling your reflexes; critical for hitting dominant pitchers. In this case, it relays a message of over-excitement to your body, as you rush your swing, hoping to pull a “monster shot,” however, you fly open; and strike out. Another example, doubting your bat speed when a pitcher is “hammering” you with inside fastballs; again you rush your swing, compensating for your doubt.

Mental Tip. Close Your Mind, Open Your Eyes

If you can’t see the ball, you will fly open. Focus on the pitcher’s release point, clearing your mind of all thoughts and see the ball. This method naturally helps you to track the ball, allowing the ball to travel, giving you time to read the pitch, and preventing you from starting your swing too early. Additionally, triggering your “natural reflex swing.” Ultimately, improves your; timing, bat speed, helping to “stay closed” with your front shoulder.

Hitting Approach

Baseball Swing Training Aids
Baseball Swing Training Aids

Lacking discipline in your hitting approach creates the habit of “flying open.” The most straightforward method to prevent “flying open” is to practice hitting the ball “up the middle” to the “opposite field.” Focus on a target area during batting practice, aiming for your location; developing the correct hitting approach fixes mistakes.

Hitting Mechanics And Drills

Drills, and tips to stay closed with your front shoulder

Core and Rotational Hitting Mechanics

Attempting to fix, “pulling off the ball,” many coaches focus on the upper half of the swing, however, staying closed, and staying through the ball; can be a result of incorrect rotational hitting mechanics.

Video Overview

Isolation drills are excellent for improving bat speed, power, front-side, and back-side swing mechanics. In particular, bottom hand, also known as; lead hand drills, train mechanics for “staying closed,” with your front shoulder.

Keeping the head still when you swing

Keeping your head still is critical for staying closed with your front shoulder, and hips. The introductory video (see above) gives a simple drill for keeping the head still during your baseball swing, by placing your hat in front of home plate as a focal point; make sure you can see the hat after you finish your swing.

Ball tracking, and fastball mechanics

Laser Blast hitting drills fix common hitting mistakes, for example, pulling off the baseball. Increase the resistance of our baseball swing trainer by reducing the size (adjustable to fix youth, and professional players), to fix casting, reaching, and lunging; making contact closer to your body; critical for keeping your front shoulder closed, hitting against a dominant fastball pitcher.

  • Set Up: Laser Blast, both arms inside
  • Pitch Height: Thigh to belly-button
  • Pitch Location: Middle to inside
  • Approach: Hitting the ball up the middle, and opposite field (key point)


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Baseball Swing Training Aids
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Advanced hitting tip

Release your top hand for extreme extended location

Releasing your top hand prevents flying open for extreme, low and outside pitch locations. Why? Simple, your bottom hand (front-side) has more reach for swing extension. Learn more about top-hand release hitting drills.

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Best Training Aid To Fix Pulling Off the Ball

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Baseball Swing Trainer

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