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Rotational Swing Load

The following load example creates the internal rotation of your hips via the motion turning the knee toward the center axis.

Picking your leg straight up and down without a turn in of the front knee fails to achieve internal rotation, and as a result, you’ll reduce the power of your core in your swing. In this case, you’ll create more lateral pelvic rotation.

Common loading techniques

  1. Small, medium or large leg kick: Pick your foot off the ground and turn your knee inward, example Miguel Cabrera.
  2. Toe tap: Step back with your front foot, and land with your big turned in, example Barry Bonds
  3. No lift: Begin in a spread out stance, lift your knee up and inward while keeping your toe on the ground, example Curtis Granderson

Hitting Tips To Improve Rotational Power

Avoid “Overloading”

Putting too much pressure on your back leg triggers dipping of your shoulders; the angle of your hips correlates to your shoulders, and you’ll “pull off the ball, cast, lunge, and slow rotation.” Load against your leg, and you’ll maintain your “center of gravity.” Additionally, visualize tilting your front shoulder downward, acting as a counter-balance movement to keep your shoulders level as you load.

Hitting Infographic
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