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Baseball Hitting Techniques

Part 1: Top-Hand Release Follow Through

Swing Follow Through For Contact Further Away From Your Body

  • Keep your head down to improve balance: Falling over at the end of your swing is triggered by over-swinging, pulling off the baseball, or incorrect rotation.
  • Don’t release your top hand too early: For extended contact zones release your top-hand after contact, when you feel pressure on your back shoulder.

Part 2: Two Hand Swing Follow Through

Contact Closer to your Body

  • Dominant fastball swing: To hit a hard, high, and flat fastball you need a short, and flat swing path.

Customer Q&A:

My son is struggling to hit the ball out of the infield. It appears to me that he is stopping his swing early, and not following through. Any thoughts?


Cutting off your swing reduces bat speed, and power; it’s caused by incorrect core mechanics. In order to gain full extension, turn your back leg from your hip, freeing your upper body for extension on your swing follow through.

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