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Baseball Swing Load

Drills and tips to improve your swing load, and timing

Without an effective timing and load strategy, you will find it extremely difficult to achieve a consistent power swing. Furthermore, without practicing  load and timing drills, your subconscious mind doesn’t gain the repetitions required to run your load on “autopilot” during game day.

Loading for a Dominant Fastball Pitcher

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Multi-Swing Method Side Toss

The following video provides examples of how to load for a fastball, and off-speed pitch.

  • Part 1: Compact Fastball Swing
  • Part 2: Elongated “Hanging Slider” Swing

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Example of a toe tap swing load

Balance Ball


Any conscious thoughts in the batter's box (including thoughts of when you should start your load and timing) will obstruct your natural reactive swing, which is crucial for successful timing

If you load with either your hands or your legs, your swing will not reach its full potential

Having an insufficient on-deck circle timing and load strategy means you will be unprepared stepping into the batter's box

Without target-specific drills for timing that train the eyes, your timing will always be inconsistent

When you load back beyond your center of gravity (weight distribution over 60% on your back foot), it is most likely you will either pull off the baseball or be late on the fastball.

Without practicing the minimum amount of repetitions of target-specific timing drills that is required by your subconscious mind, you will not be prepared for game day.

If you do not track the baseball from the pitcher's release point all the way in to the catcher's glove, you are failing to capitalize on a great opportunity to perfect your game day timing.

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