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Batting Tee Drill

Basic Hitting Tips

  1. Before you start your Laser Blast tee drills, mark a spot in the ground. Make sure the back foot starts straight, you don’t want to start with it too open. Spread out to just past shoulder width. Then get them to take another step.
  2. Focus minimizing upper body movement in order to isolate the hips. Double check you’re spread out in a straight line then create a second marker for your front foot. Sometimes you can forget about the important basics. Check your markers every time you step in for a swing… one, two, you’re ready to go.
  3. Make sure your weight distributions on the inside balls of feet with your knees slightly pinching into each other (not forward).
  4. Focus on simplicity, avoid over-completed hitting mechanics, especially home-run techniques which create bad swing habits.
  5. Focus on closing your mind and opening your eyes – allowing you to unlock your subconscious mind and utilize your natural reactive baseball swing. Avoid clouding your mind with too much information.
  6. Develop an opposite field hitting approach. Focusing on a good hitting approach helps to develop the best hitting mechanics. Keep your head down and hit the ball up the middle.
  7. Minimize swing movement to improve your chances of hitting against the toughest pitchers in your league. Keep your back elbow and your hands relaxed and at the top of the strike zone (close to your back shoulder).
  8. Spin on your back toe. Without using your hips, spinning on your back toe’s impossible, hip rotation takes the weight off your back foot via momentum.
Baseball Swing Trainer

Clinton Balgera is the inventor of Exoprecise, the technology powering our baseball swing trainer and founder of the Multi-Swing Method. Over 20 years of international hitting experience, 6 years in the USA, 7 years in Italy, and Australia. Career highlights include MVP of the NJCAA 2 World Series, a full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, and MVP of the Australian Baseball League.