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Elite #SouthKorea High School: No #hitting trainer is more time efficient and effective. Feel more #BatSpeed and consistency with a powerful and repeatable #baseballswing / #baseball #softball #batting #LaserPowerSwingTrainer https://hitlasers.com/shop/

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Laser Power Swing Trainer


Get more bat speed in your first practice session! Releasing from Exoprecise resistance is the catalyst for “supersonic” bat speed. Easy to incorporate with any bat speed drill, our baseball and softball swing speed trainer does the coaching for you, navigating your upper-body to stay connected to your core; leading to a compact, and powerful swing path.

Supersonic Bat Speed. South Korea

In one practice session the talented #SouthKorea #BaseballPlayer improves #BatSpeed by 10% - with a 0.01 sec reduction in swing time. Thanks to our professional team in South Korea for sharing the excellent #PowerBatting video. To our South Korea audience following us make sure your follow - 레이저스트랩 코리아 for awesome #HittingTips #HittingDrills and information about buying from your local dealer HitLasers.com/kr/ #baseballswingtrainer #baseball #hitting #powerhitting #baseballhitting #레이저스트랩 #KBO #ncdinos_fan #Kiatigers #twittlions #LG트윈스 #삼성라이온즈 #엔씨다이노스 #기아타이거즈 #두산베어스

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At the time your elbows reach the apex, exerting the maximum pushing force on your load, releasing from resistance triggers the contraction of our silky-smooth power hitting trainer, sequencing your swing path; culminating with an explosion of acceleration, skyrocketing your bat speed. The burst of acceleration stimulates the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers, experiencing the mind-body feel of a “whipping” of the barrel to the ball. After completing 30-50 swings during batting practice, or dry swings at home, remove our baseball swing trainer; and you’ll notice the improvement in power.

Baseball Coaching Aid

The final explosion of bat speed

Throughout your powerful baseball and softball swing, resistance and acceleration harmoniously interact, culminating in an explosion of bat speed during your follow through.

The launch of acceleration to start your swing continues to catapult your bat head, after completion of the “staying through the ball” swing phase, the elbows reach an apex of distance; away from your body’s center/core. At this time our unrivaled bat speed trainer expands, applying a pushing force to the left and right side, as you release from the resistance, our Laser Power Swing Trainer contracts, triggering a final boost of bat speed, sequencing your arms to return to the body’s center/core as you finish a professional follow through.

Our world first, “Sport Precise” method encourages an automatic body-mind response, stimulating the growth of fast-twitch muscle fibers, and shoulder acceleration muscles, to energize your baseball and softball swing. After 30-50 practice swings in the batting cage, on the field, or dry swings at home; remove our power hitting aid, feeling the ignition of bat speed. Resulting in more power to skyrocket your home run production.

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