Baseball Swing Training Aids

Bat Speed Training Basics

Bat Speed Training Drills, And Tips for Kids

Basic bat speed training exercises to coach the best batting stance, load, rotation, and swing path methods; to hit a dominant fastball.

Baseball Swing Trainer Bat Speed

Coaching The Best Batting Stance For Bat Speed

Bat Speed Training Basics Drill 1

  • The height of the balance ball is mid thigh
  • Spread out over a balance ball
  • Squeeze your knees in the balance ball to achieve the correct weight distribution, on the inside balls of your feet
  • Hold for 5 seconds, release, and repeat for 10 repetitions

Coaching the Swing Load, And Rotation

Bat Speed Training Basics Drill 2

Balance Ball

Coaching Fastball Swing Mechanics

Bat Speed Training Basic Tips

Hand Inside Ball Swing Trainer