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Bat Speed Training Tips

Step 1

Spread out in your batting stance and make sure your weight distribution is on inside balls of your feet. Back elbow down and your hands are relaxed at the top of the strike zone (close to your back shoulder).

Attention parents and coaches! We are not using the player’s regular game day stance we are spread out to isolate hip rotation.

Step 2

Sequence to Isolate Rotation

  1. Small in turn of knee
  2. Hips rotate toward rear buttock
  3. Hips rotate forward
  4. Hips rotate your back foot
  5. Hips rotate your back elbow
  6. Hands go to ball

Attention parents and coaches! Use the back foot as your indicator for correct rotation.

Hip rotation takes the weight off your back foot, so you can spin on your back toe. Without using your hips, spinning on your back toe is virtually impossible.

Step 3

Rotation Checkpoint

Coaches can toss the ball below the knees and have the player take the pitch, don’t swing. Make sure player takes the pitch at the last second by rotating the back foot (from the hips) while keeping the hands back.

Make sure back foot rotates on the toes

Hands Inside The Ball Swing Trainer

Step 4

Heads Up!

Head down at contact and on your swing follow through. You can’t keep your head down on the follow through if you’re arming, and casting your swing; use your hips to free your upper-body.

Attention parents and coaches! Make sure the player’s head is not looking toward the pitcher or the sky at or after contact.

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Step 5

Stay Centered

Watch your front leg and make sure you’re not lunging and you’re hitting against a firm front leg at contact, staying in your legs.

Step 6

Stay up the middle at hit the ball with backspin.

Attention parents and coaches! Make sure players don’t over swing or try to pull the ball.

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