Hit Lasers Laser Strap Power Hitting Drill

The Ultimate Batting Aid

  1. Power to the Extreme

    Unlock the “blast power,” of your core; and get more bat speed.

  2. Simple-to-follow instructions, tips and drills

    Quick Start, video guides, PDF downloads, images and step-by-step articles. Including, “20 Minute Lasers” four power drills to rock your hitting world. Free and unlimited access!

  3. Fix Mistakes

    Gain confidence to hit against the best pitchers. Self-Doubt triggers “jumping out,” and “flying open” during your gameday at-bats. Reverse habits created by years of “reaching” and “lunging” at a slow-moving belt-high batting practice fastball.

  4. Strength + Speed + Precision = Laser Power

    Get faster, stronger and more precise with every swing. The Laser Strap is strategically designed to train a short and explosive “hands inside the ball” swing.

  5. See Immediate Results

    Resistance and acceleration give instant bat speed, keeping at the perfect distance from your body’s center, in effect; the Laser Strap “does the coaching for you.”

  6. Simple and Practical

    The Laser Strap takes seconds to fit, wear around your waist, and when you’re ready to hit; quickly slide it up your arms and use with any hitting drill!

  7. The Ultimate Baseball and Softball Hitting Product

    Fits all sizes, super-strong, durable, comfortable, working with all swing types and methods.

Exopower Laser Blast