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The World’s Best Batting Aid

Batting Aid 

Baseball, and Softball Power Batting

  1. Power to the Extreme

    Laser Blast, and Laser Whip drills train you to hit all pitch types for power.

  2. Simple-to-follow instructions, tips and drills

    Quick Startbeginner hitting program, and professional hitting program

  3. Fix Mistakes

    Gain confidence to hit against the best pitchers. Self-Doubt triggers “jumping out,” and “flying open” during your gameday at-bats. Reverse habits created by years of “reaching” and “lunging” at a slow-moving belt-high batting practice fastball.

  4. Strength + Speed + Precision = Laser Power

    Get faster, stronger and more precise with every swing. Our batting aid is strategically designed to train a short and explosive “hands inside the ball” swing.

  5. See Immediate Results

    Resistance and acceleration give instant bat speed, keeping at the perfect distance from your body’s center, in effect; the Laser Power Swing Trainer “does the coaching for you.”

  6. Simple and Practical

    Our power batting aid takes seconds to fit, wear around your waist, and when you’re ready to hit; quickly slide it up your arms and use with any hitting drill!

  7. The Ultimate Baseball and Softball Batting Aid

    Fits all sizes, super-strong, durable, comfortable, working with all swing types and methods.