Machine Batting Practice Min

Batting Practice Techniques

Laser Blast high resistance drill


  • Laser Power Swing Trainer Machine Batting Practice is designed to improve reaction time, bat speed, rotational hitting and hitting with a two-strike batting count.
  • Beginner hitters can turn down the speed and work on a belt-high contact zone
  • Set up with a strong foundation (foot down position), relax the hands at the top of the strike zone.
  • Take a pitch and track the ball, allowing your eyes and mind to take a “snapshot” of the way the ball travels.
  • Start your swing load with an inward turn of the hips.
  • Let the baseball travel deep and make contact as the ball crosses home plate.
  • Focus on generating your swing with your core, rotate the back leg from your hips.
  • Try and hit the ball up the middle/opposite side of the cage.
  • Visualize hitting with a two-strike batting count.

unleashing your core power

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