Baseball Hitting Aids

Baseball Hitting Pitch Recognition

Release Point And Tracking Drill

Standing in on a pitcher who is warming up improves seeing and tracking the baseball for better game day hitting.



  • Get a look at different types of pitches and their movements – slider, sinker, curve, change, knuckle, split finger, 2 seam fastball and 4 seam fastball.
  • Learn how to focus on both left-handed and right-handed release points and ball movement.
  • Tracking – track the baseball out of the pitcher’s hand all the way into the catcher’s glove.
  • Teach timing and rhythm importance – load, stride and foot down all controlled on the subconscious level.
  • Improve plate discipline.
  • Learn how to aggressively take pitches – holding your swing at the last second.

Stand In Drill Quick Tips

Lock in on the release point and track the ball

Super Focus

Read the pitch type and location. Decide if it’s a ball or a strike


Track the ball all the way into the glove