Setting up in your batting stance, Exoprecise resistance keeps your arms at the optimal distance from your body; improving bat speed, mechanics, and strengthening your power batting muscles.

Power Baseball Swing Training Tool

Power Swing Training Tool

Others boast about having a specialist, “hands-inside-the-ball” product that does nothing else. It ranks at number 5 on our top 10 features.

BOOM! How do you like them apples?

  1. Patented, Exoprecise Technology powering our Laser Power Swing Trainer power swing training tool is the first of its kind!
  2. Build a powerful baseball, and softball swing by improving strength, speed, and mechanics.
  3. Improve strength in the exact muscles you use when you hit, “Exopower Resistance.
  4. Improve bat speed, nurturing fast twitch muscle fibers you use for power hitting, “Exopower Acceleration.
  5. Improve hitting mechanics; staying connected, AKA “hands-inside-the-ball,” fixing a long, and casting swing.
  6. Get immediate results, improving bat speed, power, and mechanics in only 20 swings.
  7. Use our Laser Power Swing Trainer with any hitting drill, bat, and swing method.
  8. Free-Flowing so you can use our power hitting aid for an entire batting practice without hindering your natural swing.
  9. Multi-Function design is adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes, remove either arm to practice isolation drills.
  10. For easy access wear our Laser Power Swing Trainer around your waist, and quickly slide it up your arms when it’s your turn to hit.
Baseball Swing Trainer Power Hitting Laser Power Swing Trainer
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