Case Study Eric Thames Laser Blast Advanced Drills And Tips

Isolating Baseball Power

Recap: 13/08/2016 10:33 PM. Clinton Balgera to Eric Thames "Deep contact area, using a two-handed grip follow through,...

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Eric Thames, Drill 2 Laser Blast

ERIC THAMES ELITE PROGRAM. DRILL 2 "Next, get into the cage for advanced Laser Blast front toss; using a two-handed follow through, and a short to short swing path​. Start with a round of belt high or above middle to inside locations. Track the ball deeper into your contact area and hit it up the middle, blasting with your core. Tell your coach to toss up-and-in, in fact; mix in some balls 6-inches off the inside edge of the plate and try to keep it fair. Swinging the bat with your core is the only way you can hit a dominant +95 mph fastball, especially the up-and-inside location. The Laser Strap keeps you connected to your core power source and prevents you from swinging with your weaker arms; don't fight it. You have to see for yourself. After you crush 5-10 up-and-inside pitches, hitting the ball with backspin and keeping the ball fair; things start to click. From here everything progresses fast. Once you're confident you can handle the up-and-inside power fastball, you can perform the same sequence with any of your favorite hitting drills. Challenge yourself with extreme up-and-inside pitch locations." Recap: 13/08/2016 10:33 PM. Clinton Balgera to Eric Thames

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