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“Next, get into the cage for advanced Laser Blast front toss; using a two-handed follow through, and a short to short swing path​. Start with a round of belt high, and above; middle to inside locations. Track the ball deeper into your contact area and hit it up the middle, blasting with your core. Tell your coach to toss up-and-in, in fact; mix in some balls 6-inches off the inside edge of the plate and try to keep it fair. Swinging with your core is the only way you can hit a dominant +95 mph fastball, especially the up-and-inside location. Our hands inside the ball hitting aid keeps you connected to your core power source, and prevents you from over-swinging using your weaker arms; don’t fight it. You have to see for yourself. After you crush 5-10 up-and-inside pitches, hitting the ball with backspin, and keeping the ball fair; things start to click. From here everything progresses fast. After you’re confident you can handle the up-and-inside power fastball, you can perform the same sequence with any of your favorite hitting drills. Challenge yourself with extreme up-and-inside pitch locations.”


Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise to Eric Thames

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