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4 Step Batting Practice Plan

Your subconscious mind plays a critical role for hitting on gameday

You’ll enjoy the most successful when you are confident that you can hit any pitch. Guess what? Confidence doesn’t happen by chance; it comes from quality swings convincing your subconscious mind. You can’t trick your subconscious mind, gameday doubt reveals itself in the form of “jumping out” and “flying open;” the two most common hitting mistakes.

Baseball Swing Trainer

Our 4-step practice formula builds gameday confidence

Step 1 Laser Beam

  • Example Drill: Top-Hand Side Toss.
  • Use 10% of practice time isolating your top hand, training core mechanics.

Step 2 Laser Blast

  • Example Drill: Deep Contact Front Toss.
  • Use 60% of batting practice training with both arms inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer as you learn to keep your hands inside the ball while gaining confidence to let the ball travel closer to your body. Aim to hit the ball with backspin to the outfield alleys.

Step 3 Laser Whip

  • Example Drill: Extension Front Toss.
  • Use 20% of practice time training the outside corner, and “extended-in-front” pitch locations, back arm inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer. Aim to hit the ball with backspin to the outfield alleys.

Step 4 Free Swing

  • Example drill: Live Batting Practice.
  • Use 10% of practice time with game day hitting drills. Work on your hitting approach, staying up the middle of the field.
Cold Cut Combo With Extra Cheese

Cold Cut Combo With Extra Cheese Round 1: Heavy Bat Laser Blast with a side of Deep Contact Isolation; 2-hand Finish (optional extra) Round 2: Regular Bat Laser Whip with a side of Extended Contact Isolation; Top-Hand release finish (optional extra) Round 3: Around the zone with extra cheese Note the finish of each swing in round 3. Totally up to you if you want to do this method, remembering the Laser Strap is not, "swing prejudice;" instead of predetermining follow through you can let the contact zone determine the outcome. Aha! Did you just have a Eureka moment for hitting mechanics? Once again the Laser Strap works to improve bat speed and power for any swing method. So you can swing any way you like and still see excellent results. Use with any drill; we are simply showing examples to inspire your practice regime.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Sunday, January 28, 2018
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