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Inventor's Overview + Lasers!

For the first time, Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise shares the full benefits of the Laser Strap hitlasers.com

Posted by Hit Lasers on Thursday, October 5, 2017
Exoprecise Phases Dutch National Team Laser Whip (time ;)
How Not To Suck At Hitting

Fantastic advice from Coach Seth La Fera, "At first, you didn't use your Laser Strap all the time; when did you use it the most?" Jaden Steagall "when I started sucking" Coach La fera, "Why wait? Use it all the time and you won't suck." If you're in Georgia, message Seth's page Batspeedpowerhitting.com to learn more about organizational and retail opportunities for the United States. Check out our new website; hitlasers.com

Posted by Hit Lasers on Thursday, November 9, 2017
Exoprecise Power Phases Lauch Pad ()

You can decide to train how you want, we are only showing examples to inspire your Laser Strap experience....

Useful PDF downloads. Including the Laser Strap Quick Start guide and training table....

Instant speed, power, and precision. Quickly, transfers to improved competitive performance via brain and muscle communication....

Allow 10 minutes to complete our simple step-by-step quick start instructions. After measuring and sizing correctly, you can practice all of your favorite drills; using any swing type. If required, go to thehittingproject.com for our latest video instructions. In the following example we adjust to reduce the size of the Laser Strap's Exoprecise (the part surrounding your torso) to fit a small child. Additionally for your convenience, we created sizing tables. ...