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Heavy bat drills are useless without our power hitting aid, normally the extra weight pulls your arms away from your body, however, using our hitting aid you stay connected; maintaining bat speed.

Hands Inside The Ball Swing Trainer
  • IMPROVE DEEPER CONTACT ZONE MECHANICS: You can’t cheat with heavy bat training. Your ability to use your core muscles is critical to success. Failure to do so, and the result is a “popup” or “ground ball.”
  • OVERLOAD AND STRENGTH: Strengthen your core, “power hitting” muscles; such as your side abdominal region. Improve strength in your smaller “power hitting” muscles, top hand forearm, critical for a level barrel; additionally, your acceleration and deceleration shoulder muscles.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH EXTREME UP-AND-INSIDE PITCH LOCATIONS: Advanced Laser Blast front toss; using a two-handed follow through, short and flat swing path. Track the ball deeper into your contact area and hit it up the middle, blasting with your core. Tell your coach to toss up-and-in, in fact; mix in some balls a few inches off the inside edge of home plate, and try to keep it fair. Swinging a heavy bat with your core is the only way you can hit a dominant +95 mph fastball, especially the up-and-inside location.
  • KINETIC CHAIN: If you disconnect too early, your arms hold the weight. At the extremities of your arms is your weakest point of the Kinetic Chain, your wrists; struggling to keep your barrel level at the point of contact. If you were to hold a 30-pound stone for 20 seconds, this task is a lot easier when you keep the stone close to your body. However, if you were to carry the stone away from your body it becomes heavier and harder to hold; this is because you’re getting away from your center of gravity. The same goes for heavy bat training, the further your arms move away from your center of gravity, the heavier the weight.
  • ADAPT OR FAIL: Exposes common mistakes, such as; “muscling up,” “pulling off the ball,” “lunging,” and dipping.”
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Laser Blast heavy bat front toss

Baseball Swing Trainer

Our baseball swing trainer instantly increases bat speed, strengthens hitting muscles, and guides you to a perfect swing path; developing “muscle memory” for a powerful, and precise game day swing.