Hitting Slumps: Mindfulness Techniques

Mental approach to hitting

The blueprint for game-day confidence

During a hitting slump avoid the emotional turmoil, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/mindfulness techniques, coaching confidence, nurturing the team of positive players; clearing the conscious mind, activating, and controlling your subconscious.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, And Hitting

The action plan, after, failing at the plate

The ultimate test, dealing with failure, getting out of the hitting slump. Downward, spiraling thoughts, delving deeper into the slump; self-criticism is akin to clinical depression.

Squashing negative thoughts, using a rational response:

  • Automatic Thought (Self-Criticism): The negative internal dialogue, during the game.
  • Cognitive Distortion: The type of negative internal dialogue.
  • Rational Response (Self-Defence): The internal dialogue, defusing the negative/irrational thought/s.

Example 4

  • Automatic Thought (Self-Criticism): “I don’t want to be the last out – everyone on the team will blame me for losing the game.”
  • Cognitive Distortion: All or nothing thinking, jumping to conclusions.
  • Rational Response (Self-Defence): “I am going to enjoy the challenge of a clutch situation. Relax, don’t think, and see the ball. Getting out is a part of the game, my teammates/coaches won’t blame me; it’s a team effort.”

Strategy to improve batting performance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy creates a positive mind, talk yourself into feeling fast, strong, prepared for the challenge/unbeatable, clearing negative thoughts; feeling good about the upcoming at-bat. Thoughts control the emotions, thinking positive grows confidence for success; use the on-deck circle, preparing your mind, for example:

“I feel good today.”
“I’m going to crush this guy.”
“I own this pitcher.”
“I am seeing the baseball great out of the pitcher’s hand.”

  • During a hitting slump avoid the turmoil, using mindfulness techniques, coaching confidence, nurturing the team of positive players....

  • You don’t always have to hit to get better, tracking the ball unlocks the power of your subconscious mind, getting in the “hitting zone.”...

  • 98 mph inside, staying back, ripping the pull-side homer. Soft and away, slightly out in front, dropping head for an opposite-field homer....

Clinton Balgera

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