Laser Pro

Laser Pro

Wear it and hit lasers, with a heavy bat!

Combining the standard strength features of our Laser Power ST, and heavy bat training; invigorates your power hitting muscles.

laser pro heavy bat training drills
laser pro heavy bat training drills



Exoprecise resistance delivers the critical element of “staying connected,” during heavy bat training. Ordinary, overload methods trigger a long swing, reducing your bat speed. The extra weight on your wrists, pulls the arms away from your body; dipping the barrel. However, our Laser Power ST elevates strength without jeopardizing bat speed, and mechanics.

Strengthening The Secondary Power Muscles

Our Laser Power ST produces Exoprecise resistance, strengthening the deep-layer hitting muscles;  swinging your regular bat.  Additionally, staying connected during your heavy bat training, allows the core muscles to dominate the swing. Reducing the workload on your vulnerable wrists strengthens the secondary power muscles, in your forearms; controlling the level of your barrel.

laser pro heavy bat training drills
Increasing Resistance

#LaserPro - Wear it and #HitLasers, with a #HeavyBat! Combining the strength benefits of our #LaserPowerST, and #HeavyBatTraining; invigorates your #PowerHitting muscles.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
laser pro heavy bat drills

Laser Reflex And Laser Pro Drills

Increasing resistance, training a compact swing

90% of mistakes go away using our Laser Power ST, a heavy bat; and these 4 words, “track the ball longer!”

laser pro heavy bat training drills
laser pro heavy bat training drills
Preparing for a dominant fastball pitcher

Laser Reflex drills, increase the resistance of your Laser Power ST to prevent arming the swing. Therefore, players adapt by using the core muscles to generate the back leg turn. Coaching mechanics to hit the challenging “up and inside” pitch; growing the confidence to stay back on game-day. The increase in resistance prevents reaching. As a result, you track the ball longer, making contact closer to the body, fixing a long swing; preparing you for success against the “flame throwing” pitchers, and clutch two-strike situations.

laser pro heavy bat drills
laser pro heavy bat training drills

Smooth Transition

Exoprecise resistance navigates youth players, transitioning to a heavier/longer baseball, and softball bat.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Pro Tips From The Inventor

Clinton Balgera, inventor of the Laser Power ST, and founder of the Multi-Swing Method.

Below is a snippet, Clinton Balgera to Eric Thames, bamboozling the baseball world in April 2017; crushing laser home runs off 95 mph fastball, high-and-inside. Apparently, it’s impossible to hit this pitch?


“Next, get into the cage for Laser Blast heavy bat front toss. Toss the ball, belly-button-high, on the inside part of home plate. Track the ball closer to the body, maintain a short and flat swing path, keeping two hands on the bat; during your follow through. Avoid conscious thoughts to pull the ball, allowing your subconscious mind to take over, activates the reflex muscles; resulting in a laser home run.”



Our Laser Power ST is the secret weapon of schools, colleges, and pros; around the world. Visit, #MyLaserPowerswing.