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How To Hit A Fastball

The fastball’s the most common pitch type that you, your kids or your players will face in any league. If you’re unable to make the necessary swing adjustments, you’ll have difficulty holding your spot the lineup; unless you’ve got exceptional defensive skills.

Unlike the Curve Ball, Slider and Change-Up, the Fastball is a simple pitch to make swing adjustments; improving your gameday hitting. Below you’ll find fastball hitting tips, drills, and tips; designed for parents, coaches, and players.


The number one swing adjustment you’ll have to make to hit an inside fastball is to practice the hands-inside-the-baseball swing.


The Simple Swing Equation


If you practice with a long swing, you’ll have a long game day swing. Alternatively, if you practice a short “hands-inside-the-ball” swing, you’ll enjoy game day success.


Why is this so important? If you have any doubt in your head that you can’t hit a fastball, this will show itself during your game day at-bats, in the form of rushing, lunging or pulling off the ball; controlled by the crucial role of your subconscious mind.

Gameday confidence comes from pushing your limits at practice. Practicing drills which replicate gameday situations, your eyes transfer the message to your brain that you can do a specific task, in this case; hitting the inside fastball. In short, you need to see it to believe it.

The Up and Inside Fastball

Laser Strap batting practice gives you the confidence to hit any fastball. It’s vital you practice the minimum number of “hands-inside-the-ball” swings during the season. The essential message that you can “stay back,” keeping your “hands-inside-the-ball” transfers to your subconscious mind. Resulting in confidence to hit a gameday fastball.

Let the ball travel


The next time you take team batting practice record the number of times you lung and reach for the ball and the resulting ground balls, pop-ups, foul balls or swing and misses. The Laser Strap exposes a “lunging” swing. If you take batting practice “lunging and reaching” for the ball, you’ll do the same on gameday.


The Laser Strap, specifically, increased resistance”Laser Blast Drills;” prevents “lunging out” keeping you connected to your swing. The best way to fix “lunging,” and to improve your fastball hitting skills is by tracking the ball and making contact closer to your body.


Seeing and tracking the baseball is arguably the most critical skill required to hit a fastball. Your eyes are the key to unlocking your subconscious mind and triggering your natural reflexes. Reacting to a fastball gives you the best chance to hit the fastball.


If you can’t see a fastball as it reaches the bottom third of the hitting funnel, you’ve little chance of success! Your eyes are the trigger for your swing; subconsciously your eyes will tell your brain when to begin your swing.



Practicing to hit the fastball in different contact zones takes the “chance,” out of the equation. Instead of relying on the pitcher to make a mistake you’re now prepared to hit his best stuff. The best way to hit the fastball for power and high batting average is with our Multi-Swing Method.


Inventor of the Laser Strap, Clinton Balgera; also developed the Multi-Swing Method, after identifying critical issues with current mainstream theories. After months of investigation, he created the Multi-Swing Method, providing the perfect formula to hit for power and a high batting average.


The Multi-Swing Method provides simple step-by-step guides to hit pitches in all locations:

Contact Closer To Your Body


  1. Preparing to hit the “up-and-inside fastball” is critical for confidence.
  2. Your top hand plays a vital role in a hitting the fastball high and deep in the zone.
  3. “Short-to-short” swing path combined with a two-handed finish, allows you to get to the ball on time.
  4. Unnaturally lifting your swing plane, with the “up and inside” fastball, causes your back shoulder to “knock your head off the ball;” during your follow through. Additionally, your back foot will over-rotate, and you’ll fall off-balanced.

Contact Further Away from Your Body


  1. Your bottom hand plays a vital role in a hitting the fastball further away from your body.
  2. Your top hand fights against your swing when hitting a fastball that’s low and away, increasing the likelihood of a weak ground ball.
  3. Release your top hand as you feel pressure on your back shoulder.


  1. Hands-Inside-The-Ball gives you skills and gameday confidence to hit an inside fastball
  2. Hands-Inside-The-Ball is the fastest and most potent swing
  3. Hands-Inside-The-Ball is the most challenging to practice

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