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How to Hit a Slider

One of the most difficult pitches to hit in baseball is a slider, especially a slider on the outside corner of home plate. Being able to “hit or take,” can “make or break” your career.

Late Breaking and Backdoor Sliders

  • Due to the angle, right-handed hitters are particularly susceptible to a right-handed pitcher who throws sliders. Likewise, left-handed hitters face tremendous difficulties when competing against a left-handed pitcher who throws sliders.
  • Then, there is the ‘death pitch,’ also known as the “backdoor slider,” seen with a right-handed hitter facing a left-handed pitcher, or a left-handed hitter facing a right-handed pitcher.

Two-Strike Slider Drill

Slider Front Toss Drill is a spin-off from Standard Front Toss. Except, in this case, the pitching screen is placed 3-5 feet to the right or left of center from home plate, creating the angle on the delivery and imitating the trajectory seen with a slider on the outside of the plate.