Hips Before Hands Laser Strap Drill

Hips Before Hands Drill

Leading your swing with your hips as opposed to your hands improves bat speed, power; allowing you to hold your swing at last second.

Drill Tips

  • In the beginning stages, start your Laser Blast drill close to our foot down position, with our hands nice and relaxed at the top of the strike zone.
  • Spread out in your stance, imagine you are in the on-deck circle getting your timing right.
  • For this drill we’re exaggerate starting the swing with our hips first, and then bringing the bat through the zone.
  • So there is a slight delay between your hips going and your hands going.
  • Exaggerate it even more to make sure you get the mechanics. Hips, then hands. Training you to swing with your hips, as opposed to leading with your hands.

It’s Important To Start With Your Hips First, Then When You’re Ready To Make The Decision To Hit, Release Your Hands.

When you lead with your hands, you will immediately take all the power away from your core. All the pressure is on your upper body now as opposed to if you lead with your hips, your core power transfers to the ball. When you go with your hands, it can only be a split second delay, but that’s enough to switch off the power in your core and force it to go into your upper body, and you will lose bat speed.

Hips Before Hands Laser Strap Drill

As soon as your arms disconnect from your core, you’re committed to the swing

If you get fooled by a pitch, and you lead with your hands, you have nowhere else to go. If you go hands first and are deceived by the ball and want to hold up, you won’t be able to. You will swing and miss. Creating the habit of leading with your hips, allows you to take very tough pitches at the last second. You might see guys who can “hold their swing” with a “tough late-breaking slider.” Their core takes the force as their back elbow drives into the torso.

Hips Before Hands Laser Strap Drill

Many coaches and players associate the front foot for timing, however; it’s only one part of the process. As you stride and your front foot is down, there’s a period between making contact. When you lead your swing with your core, you can adjust to pitches. As the ball travels you decide to commit, as long as you keep your hands back, you have time to generate a mighty swing or hold up.

Hips Before Hands Laser Strap Drill
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