Baseball Hitting Aids

Power Hitting Core Muscles

Leading your swing with your hips as opposed to your hands improves bat speed, power, timing, and plate discipline.

  • In the beginning stages, start your Laser Blast drills close to the foot down position, with our hands nice and relaxed at the top of the strike zone.
  • Spread out in your batting stance, imagine you are in the on-deck circle preparing your swing load, and timing for a dominant fastball pitcher.
  • Exaggerate starting your swing with your hips, then swing the bat; with a slight delay between your back leg turn and swing.

Leading with your hands reduces bat speed, and power; your arm muscles are weaker than your core.

Many coaches and players associate the front foot for timing, however; it’s one part of the process. As you stride and plant your front foot, there’s a period of rotation, with your back leg, and torso turning. Therefore, leading with your core allows you to adjust your timing in response to variations in pitch speed, and late movement.

If you are fooled by a pitch, and you lead with your hands, it is impossible to hold your swing. Leading with your hips, allows you can take at the last moment, by driving your back elbow into your torso; taking all the force.

Hitting Infographic
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Clinton Balgera

The inventor of the cutting-edge Exoprecise, driving force; for our baseball/softball hitting trainers. Founder of the revolutionary Multi-Swing Method. 20-year, professional baseball career; USA, Italy, and Australia. Highlights include the Junior College World Series MVP, accepting a full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, and the Australian Baseball League MVP (Helms Award). Learn More