Advanced Laser Power Swing Trainer Heavy Bat Strength Training

Heavy Bat Power Hitting Drills

Higher Resistance Laser Power Swing Trainer Drills

  1. With higher resistance set on your Laser Power Swing Trainer power hitting aid challenge yourself using a heavy bat, coaching you to swing with your hips. Arming your swing with a heavy bat, pulls your elbows away from your body, triggering a long swing, and dropping the barrel.
  2. Work on hitting a belt-high, and inside pitch location.
  3. Spread out, using a two-handed follow through, avoid altering your swing path, if you lift on the follow through you’ll knock your head off the ball and over-rotate on your back foot. Whip the bat through the zone using your hips. You don’t have to put too much on it, if you if hit the ball in the right spot, it will travel a long way.
Baseball Swing Trainer

Our baseball swing trainer instantly increases bat speed, strengthens hitting muscles, and guides you to a perfect swing path; developing “muscle memory” for a powerful, and precise game day swing.