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Dangers of promoting the Launch Angle Statistic

Simple physics lesson to all the “launch angle” experts. Variable 1 + Variable 2 = Result. If you’re going to chat about launch angles like you’re a physics expert, next time take into account the pitch type; Variable 1, as it determines your swing plane, Variable 2. Otherwise, you’re providing misinformation, and destroying the swings of young players. With this in mind, you’ll have to reconsider any hitting methods based on launch angles.

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Contact Depth (the cause)

What most everybody else in the hitting world over-complicates (the effect). We focus on the cause to make things simple, that’s why we’ve got the patent on the best baseball training aid ever invented. The problem is too many “so called” experts go on and on about the effects without knowing anything about the cause. And this is dangerous, as they’ll end up ruining young players swings as the try to uppercut a power fastball, and missing by a mile! Here’s a clue, the majority of MLB players sit and wait for the pitcher to make a mistake. The majority of home runs are hit off “hanging sliders” higher in the zone. Guess what naturally gives you optimal launch angle to hit the ball higher over the fence? Extended contact with a ball on a downward trajectory! Your natural reaction is to come up with your swing to a ball that is coming down to you. If you don’t understand this and you’re talking about “Angles and Velocity” it’s not a good look.

One common reason customers purchase our products is to help to fix problems caused by over-complication and one-dimensional hitting techniques; therefore the more these stats become familiar; the more players struggle and need our help and the more money we make. However, we have a social conscience and a responsibility to help parents, players, and coaches.

Focus more on the causes, less about the effects. Popular “buzz” terms are the effect/result of proper core mechanics (the cause).

1) “Bat Lag” versus “Bat Drag.”
2) “Bat Whip.”
3) “Hips-Before-Hands.”
4) “Staying Connected.”

When you listen to people who over-complicate the effect, hitting gets harder. Focusing on the top level category of contact depth; things become a lot easier. Regarding hitting information, we recommend as soon as someone starts talking about “launch angles,” politely nod, and run!!!!!!!

  • Round 1: Deep contact; two-handed finish. Round 2: Extended contact; top-hand release. Round 3: Contact zone determines the follow through....

  • You can do the same sequence with most hitting drills. If you like you can mix and match the order, hitting style, and bat selection. One thing for sure, using our power batting aid, you’ll be hitting lasers!...

  • Incorrect rotation triggers too much weight on your back leg/foot. Pressure on your back leg/foot triggers a tilt in the angle of your hips, dipping of the shoulders; triggers pulling off the ball, long and loopy swing as your bat head to drops....

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