Mental Approach: Goldfish

Confidence is arguably the most important aspect of hitting

You’re wasting valuable batting practice time, without a plan to grow confidence on game day


  • The fear of failure triggers nervousness in the batter’s box.
  • Nervousness triggers batting mistakes such as: flying open, lunging/jumping out, stepping in the bucket, pulling the head off the ball, and a tense/long swing.
  • The stress of failure results in physically, and mentally exhaustion; during the course of a baseball season.


Striking out can be disappointing for players, parents, and coaches; comforting players after a strikeout. The feeling of letting your team down is challenging to overcome. You need a plan to deal with the “irrational thoughts” associated with hitting slumps. When you lack in confidence, and you’re in a hitting slump, negative self-talk triggers a snowball effect – your thoughts spiral out of control, and irrational feelings of despair take over. Learn how to use internal dialogue, dismissing irrational thoughts.

Clear your mind, shrugging off failure; having  a memory like a goldfish, whether the game was good, or bad.

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Grow confidence by practicing with the best hitting aids

  • During a hitting slump avoid the turmoil, using mindfulness techniques, coaching confidence, nurturing the team of positive players....

  • You don’t always have to hit to get better, tracking the ball unlocks the power of your subconscious mind, getting in the “hitting zone.”...

  • This post is covering one of the most important yet underrated elements for hitting a baseball, and that is being able to use your vision effectively to pick up the pitcher's release point whilst he is on the mound....

  • A player attacking the opposite field with power is a fearsome hitter! Learn how hitting the ball to the opposite field fixes common hitting mistakes....

  • Don’t waste time in the on-deck circle and batter's box, prepare yourself for success. ...

  • By hitting the ball to the opposite field early in the game, you set yourself up to receive a more straightforward pitch to hit for a home run later on in the game. Hitting for power can be a game of chess with the pitcher, he who outwits the other has the last laugh. ...

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