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Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Bat Speed Comparison Video

#MyLaserPowerSwing Bat Speed Comparison Video. Independent testing, South Korea; in just 20 swings, the player's #BatSpeed increases by approximately 10% https://hitlasers.com/training-aids/speed/

Posted by Hit Lasers on Thursday, November 22, 2018
Elite Sth. Korean High School Program

#ExopreciseResistance: Our #Batting trainer combines a precise amount of resistance (ExopreciseResistance), with a silky-smooth, lightweight, and intuitive design; accommodating an unrestricted #Baseball / #Softball swing throughout your #BattingPractice, generating “automatic muscle resistance,” resulting in the activation and strengthening of deep-layer #PowerHitting muscles. Additionally, releasing from resistance triggers acceleration, stimulating the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers. 48 hour sale ending soon hitlasers.com/product/laser-power-swing-trainer/

Posted by Hit Lasers on Thursday, October 25, 2018
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Feel More Bat Speed

Elite #SouthKorea High School: No #hitting trainer is more time efficient and effective. Feel more #BatSpeed and consistency with a powerful and repeatable #baseballswing / #baseball #softball #batting #LaserPowerSwingTrainer https://hitlasers.com/shop/

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Strength & Bat Speed Training

#USABaseball, Strength & #BatSpeed Training. Share your #LaserPowerSwingTrainer story with the world, using the hashtag #MyLaserPowerSwing - NEW: LASER POWER SWING HOME WORKOUT https://hitlasers.com/trainer/baseball-hitting-workout-home/ All you have to do is swing, no baseball or softball is needed, requiring minimal space to train.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, December 8, 2018
Big League Drill

#MyLaserPowerSwing USA - See more stories https://hitlasers.com/my/schools/ "The high school player is #Hitting for the first time with our #LaserPowerST, practicing the "High & Tight" drill; 95% (arguably 100%) of Major League players cannot do this drill. However, using our product, it's easy as 1,2,3..." #ClintonBalgera Inventor - Founder #MultiSwingMethod - #Baseball #Softball #Batting #HittingTips

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Laser Power Swing Trainer


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Send images, and videos via Facebook Messenger, e: my@hitlasers.com, or upload to any social media site using; #MyLaserPowerSwing – you don’t need a perfect swing, we enjoy sharing stories of regular baseball, and softball players having a go!