How It Works

What It Does

After you remove your Laser Strap your bat feels light, bat speed, and exit velocity improves; hitting powerful LASERS during batting practice, and in the game.

  • Teaches, fixes, and improves hitting mechanics
  • Instantly increases bat speed and exit velocity
  • Builds strength in critical power hitting muscles, nurturing fast twitch muscle fibers
  • Prepares your swing for the harsh realities of gameday hitting

At the heart of the Laser Strap, is our globally patented Exoprecise technology; including a revolutionary “super-material” design.

Hitting Aid
  • Strategically designed giving precise resistance for any drill, swinging uninhibited
  • Light
  • Smooth, without causing friction on your skin
  • Flexible, without losing elasticity
  • Morphing with your body
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes
  • Durable, super-high tensile (strong)
  • 100% safe, hundreds of hours testing under extreme conditions
  • Washable (delicate cycle, drip-dry)
  • Latex-free
Instant Bat Speed & Power
  • Baseball and softball power hitting
  • Integrate into your current hitting program or follow our free access guides
  • Works for youth and professionals, used by MLB®  players, NCAA® schools, and national programs
  • Train any drill, swing uninhibited using your preferred method
  • Advanced hitters can integrate a heavy bat without jeopardizing speed or mechanics
  • Reduce the size to increase resistance, fixing a long swing or to train rotation
  • Remove either arm to isolate and improve your top and bottom hand mechanics
  • Swing in the on-deck-circle, replacing a weight bat, or doughnut

The World’s First All-In-One Hitting Solution Made Simple

Our globally patented technology is the first to hold up under the immense pressures of striking sports; providing the baseball, and softball world with an “all-in-one” hitting solution is simple in comparison.