Laser Whip

Step 4: Laser Whip. Contact Away From Your Body

Powerful Extension

You are a master of hitting a dominant fastball, next? Training for extension, preparing your swing for late-breaking sliders, and “hanging” mistake pitches.

Drill: “Laser Whip” side-toss, front-toss, tee, or BP
Rounds: 1
Swings: 10


  1. To improve power for extremely extended contact zones and to isolate and build strength in your bottom hand – release your top hand on your follow through.
  2. Release your top-hand as your back shoulder feels-pressure/gets-fully-extended.

*Note Even if you like to use a 2-handed grip follow through for every pitch location (not recommended for low and away pitch locations as your top-hand fights your bottom hand and you roll over on the ball). You now have the option of implementing your second swing type during the game. Step 5 will help you to figure out which pitchers/pitch-types to use this swing.


20 Minute Lasers is an optional training program developed by Clinton Balgera, the inventor of the Laser Strap; which improves, bat speed, power, and mechanics for all swing types. Therefore, you can practice using your preferred hitting method.