Chain Reaction of Lazy Mechanics and Poor Approach

How to Train the Perfect Baseball Swing

Chain Reaction of Incorrect Hitting Mechanics and Mental Approach

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Train Perfect Rotational Mechanics To Unlock The Explosive Power Of Your Core


Chain Reaction of Incorrect Core Rotation

Failure to rotate your back foot from your hips triggers a breakdown in core rotation and your swing

  • Incorrect rotation triggers too much weight on your back leg/foot
  • Weight on your back leg/foot triggers a tilt in the angle of your hips and prevents you from turning your back foot from your hips (you now have to turn from your knee).
  • Tilt in your hips triggers dipping of your shoulders; as your shoulders are connected to your spine (connects to your hips).
  • Dipping of the shoulders triggers pulling off the ball and a long/loopy swing as your bat head to drops.
  • Weight on your back leg/foot triggers pulling off the ball; as your upper body fights your lower body resulting in spinning off the ball.
  • Weight on your back leg/foot triggers slow rotation; slow back foot rotations correlates to slow bat speed.
  • Incorrect weight distribution triggers you to spin/pull-off the ball the ball.
  • Spinning off the ball triggers problems reaching an outside pitch.
  • Problems reaching the outside pitch triggers strike outs, pop ups and weak ground balls.


Chain Reaction Of Rushing Your Stride

Failure to see/track the ball, over-swinging, lacking confidence, nervousness, or trying to pull the ball too much will cause you to rush your stride

  • Rushed stride triggers your front foot to land open (big toe pointing at the pitcher).
  • Opening your front foot triggers opening your hips.
  • Opening your hips triggers flying open with your shoulders.
  • Opening your shoulders triggers pulling your head off the ball.
  • Pulling off the ball reduces your ability to react to late movement on the slider, cutter or change up pitches.
  • Losing sight of ball reduces contact accuracy, resulting in more strike outs, pop ups and ground balls.

Learn To Hit For Power Against the Power Pitchers

Advantages Of Training LASER Blast Drills

Improves Trail/Top-Hand Power For Hitting The High Pitch

It trains the perfect swing to hit the high ball. The trail/top-hand plays an important role for generating bat speed and power with deeper contact zones, e.g. a fastball high in the zone. Improving top-hand power is especially important for players who are bottom/lead-hand dominant hitters who tend to hit the low ball well, but struggle with the up-and-in/deep contact zones (which are top-hand dominant pitch locations).

Explosive Core Power

Train perfect rotational mechanics to unlock the explosive power of your core. Strategically designed resistance to your upper body reduces your ability to “muscle up” or “cast” using your arms, which trains you to generate power from your core. Also, our elasticized strap connects your back arm to your hips/rib cage, acting as a bridge to transfer the power generated from your core to your swing.

Improve Muscle Memory For Hitting The Inside Pitch

Training to hit a deeper contact zone, while using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, improves hands-inside-the-ball swing mechanics. Your eyes send a message to your brain, showing that you can stay back and hit the up-and-inside pitch, resulting in confidence to hit on game day.

Improve Bat Speed

Training a “hands inside the baseball” swing is key for developing a short and powerful baseball swing. The Laser Precise Bat Speed Trainer guides you to the fastest and most powerful swing path… all the time, every time. Our patented elasticized strap provides your upper body with the perfect amount of resistance to keep your “hands inside the ball” for every swing you take.

Stay Back & Stay Closed, Fix Casting

A big part of hitting is being able to let the ball travel deep in the hitting zone with the confidence that you are not going to get jammed. Lacking confidence to hit the inside fastball will trigger some of the most common hitting mistakes. Our elasticized strap prevents reaching with your arms. When you can’t reach for the ball you have to allow the ball to travel deeper before you start your swing. As a result, this will fix casting, lunging, jumping out, pulling off the ball and reduce your strikeouts. You will also develop an eagle “batter’s eye” as you have longer to read and react to late-breaking pitches such as the slider or sinker-ball.

Builds Confidence To Hit Against The Best

If you can’t hit the inside pitch, opposition teams will eventually exploit your weakness. Training our Core Power Drills transfers from the practice field to game day and prepares you to hit the toughest game day pitches, e.g. the up-and-inside fastball.

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Laser Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer
  1. Tee-Drill – Training on your own, timing and approach
  2. Side-Toss – Coaches can check for correct rotation (back foot spinning on toe)
  3. Recommended Drill For Best Results: Front Toss – letting the ball travel and training to hit in all contact zones
  4. Triggered BP – Load, timing, reaction time and approach
  5. Regular BP – Prevents bad habits caused by reaching and lunging during regular B.P
  6. Machine BP – “See-And_react” Spread out, minimize load utilizing your deep contact zone mechanics
  7. Hit Against Live Pitchers – Game-day replication, timing and confidence. The Ultimate test, and one of the best ways to prepare your players for game day success
  8. Take it off and hit LASER beams game day!