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Strength + Speed + Technique = Momentum For Powerful Extension

Our power swing training aid guides you to powerful extension, for every swing. During Laser Whip extension drills, our globally patented power swing training aid provides your back arm with the perfect amount of resistance to stay hands inside the ball. Releasing from resistance after you stride and separate, triggers bat speed resulting in a powerful extension swing.

Laser Whip Extension Drills



Power for an extended contact zone

Bat whip

The transfer of speed and core strength to your lead/bottom-hand

Rotational hitting

Bottom hand power

Extension and momentum

Staying in your legs

Hitting a low and outside pitch

Hanging breaking ball swing

Game-day confidence



Reaching and lunging

Dipping and pulling off

Falling off-balance

Basic Set Up

Back arm inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer

Longer batting stride

Hands set at shoulder height

Raised back elbow

Swing Path

Short to long

Follow Through

Top-hand release

Angled plane

Release your top-hand as you feel pressure on your back shoulder

Basic Drills

Ordered easiest to hardest:

Tee drill

Side toss

Front toss

Triggered batting practice

Regular Batting Practice

Hitting live in practice

Basic Contact Zone 

Height: Belt to knees

Location: Middle to outside

Extended: Hitting the ball in front of home plate

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