During your swing load, and seperation your back elbow moves away from your body; pushing against the Laser Power Swing Trainer. Patented Exoprecise resistance, strengthens your power hitting muscles, improves mechanics; releasing triggers a boost in bat speed to start your swing.

Bat Speed And Power: Batting Practice Drills

Laser Beam (optional to use a heavy bat, Laser Pro) improves your baseball/softball swing, as our bat speed trainer guides you to perfect “hands-inside-the-ball” hitting mechanics.

RELAX THE HANDS: Our bat speed trainer isolates the power burst of your swing, you can start with your hands close to the back shoulder, and generate powerful swing using your core.

Baseball Training Aids

SPREAD OUT IN AN ATHLETIC STANCE: Maintaining balance is critical to prevent lunging.

Hitting Infographic

TURN THE KNEE IN: All it takes to generate coil in the hips, is a small in-turn the front knee, lifting your heel off the ground. Don’t load straight back, this will put your center or gravity onto your back foot.

Hitting Infographic

SHORT AND SOFT BATTING STRIDE: If your front foot lands heavy, and opens up too much (big toe pointing at the pitcher) your hips, shoulders and head pulls off your swing.

Baseball Hitting Aids

GENERATE THE SWING FROM THE HIPS: Your hips are critical for bat speed and power, turn your back leg from your core, track the ball longer and explode with your swing, as the ball arrives closer to your body.

Baseball Hitting Aids

HANDS INSIDE THE BASEBALL: The further your back elbow moves away from your body, bat speed and power decreases.  Our hands inside the ball swing trainer coaches you to stay connected.

Starting your swing path to the ball, our power batting aid uses energy from Exoprecise resistance, to trigger acceleration; improving bat speed, contact accuracy, fix a casting swing, and build fast twitch muscle fibers for game day.

HITTING APPROACH:  Flying open is triggered by over-swinging, incorrect rotation, or trying to pull to ball. To stay back and stay closed, track the ball, keep your head down at contact, and practice hitting the ball to the opposite field.

Baseball Training Aids

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Clinton Balgera

The inventor of the cutting-edge Exoprecise, driving force; for our baseball/softball hitting trainers. Founder of the revolutionary Multi-Swing Method. 20-year, professional baseball career; USA, Italy, and Australia. Highlights include the Junior College World Series MVP, accepting a full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, and the Australian Baseball League MVP (Helms Award). Learn More