Hit Lasers (Two-Piece) Bat Speed Trainer


  • EXOSKELETON FOR PRECISE HITTING: Hit Lasers (Two-Piece) Bat Speed Trainer for baseball, and softball; includes the anchor-piece around your waist, providing extra-hold for batting practice.
  • WEAR IT, HIT LASERS: Combining 360° of EXOPRECISE forces (the precise amount) with a silky-smooth, and intuitive design. Hit smarter, faster, stronger; for longer.
  • SIZING: Adjusts to fit all sizes. Select the approximate sizing option below, we’ll pre-size prior to shipping. Learn more about how to size, and wear Quickstart – PDF download.
  • RISK-FREE: 30-Days money-back guarantee, logo/color may vary.
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  • WEAR IT, HIT LASERS: The silky-smooth, high tensile design, accommodates to the repetitive and explosive movements; throughout batting practice, swinging, as usual, accommodating to all swing types/methods. Seamlessly, integrating your favorite drills; tee, front toss, on-field/cage-BP, dry swings at home, in fact, the first hitting trainer suitable for intrasquad, battling the pitcher, live on the field! In between BP rounds, wear around the waist, making the hottest “ballpark fashion accessory,” taking only 10 seconds to slide up the arms – “fit and hit!”
  • EXPLODING, SUPERSONIC BAT SPEED: At the time your elbows reach the apex, during your load, releasing from Exoprecise forces produces an explosion of bat speed, skyrocketing your barrel to the ball, and beyond. The equation is simple, practicing a long swing; equals a slow game-day swing. Practice an explosive/compact swing, you’ll hit lasers!
  • PORTABLE HITTING COACH: Taking care of the hard parts, allowing you to focus on the fundamentals. Eliminate mistakes, resulting from the elbows, moving too far away from your body, such as casting, long-swing, etc. Exoprecise forces navigate your swing, during the stance, load/separation, swing-path, contact, Power-V, and follow-through.
  • STRENGTH & ENDURANCE: Exoprecise forces support the precise joints, muscles for a compact, and powerful swing path. Players opting for extra-BP, for example, 30 extra swings, skyrocketing the efficiency rating with quality repetitions. Leading-to, the improvement of bat speed, strength/endurance on game-day; critical in the seventh, eighth, and ninth inning at-bats, generally, fatigue reduces bat speed and mechanics. The extra one/two hits per game, increasing your batting average.
  • EXPERT GUIDES: For those, seeking general information about hitting, enjoy free access to our Multi-Swing Method hitting program, and practice plans, coaching to hit the challenging pitches; by the inventor of Exoprecise technology, Clinton Balgera.
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Laser Power ST

Product Type

Sport Precise Training Aid


Baseball, Fastpitch Softball, Slowpitch Softball

Exoprecise Model



Home, Intrasquad, Play, Training/Practice

Suitable For

Adults, Female, Kids 8 and older, Male


Balance Sliders, Exoprecise, Resistance Slider, ROM1 Axis Stabilizer, ROM1 Stabilizers, ROM2 Axis Stabilizer, ROM2 Bridge, ROM2 Stabilizer

Range Of Motion

Unrestricted, accommodating movement above the shoulders

Exoprecise Material

Three-Dimensional Exoprecise®℗ Nanofibers; woven, microstructural layering

Exoprecise Length

40 inches

Stretching Threshold

108 inches

Exoprecise Width

2 inches

Exoprecise Sizing

Resistance Slider, adjusting the size/resistance for extra-small, and extra-large. Thread the left-over Exoprecise material through the Resistance Slider to secure and balance

Exoprecise Placement

Anchoring at the elbows, attaching securely to the body; when not in use, slide out your arms, wearing around the waist – easy access

Exoprecise Friction

Impervious to repetitive motion, reducing friction on the arms, chest, and back; Exoprecise nanofibers, dispersing the heat, eliminating skin irritation

Exoprecise Quality

Durable, returning to the original shape, without permanent alteration

Exoprecise Responsiveness

Synchronously, expanding, contracting, reacting, and morphing to the body’s natural motion

Exoprecise Strength

Ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and stretch-limit; resilient to breaking under tension, accommodating to the stresses, and strain of power biomechanics

Exoprecise Texture

SILKY-SMOOTH: Ultra-thin, lightweight, unobtrusive, wearing for long periods

ROM1 Sizing

Adjust the size for a snug fit, anchoring the Exoprecise

ROM1 Placement

For best performance position on the skin, alternatively, wear around your sleeves. Place directly above the elbows for maximum resistance, optional to place at the mid-bicep, reducing the force