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Rotational Hitting

Core Control Center - The core controls your leg turning - Hands stay back


“Your hips are critical for rotational hitting, improving bat speed and power. All it takes to generate a powerful rotational swing is a small in-turn of your front knee, rotating your rear hip toward your rear buttock; to reduce wrapping and dipping, tilt your front shoulder down slightly as you load. Avoid placing too much weight on your back leg, instead, load against it; otherwise you disconnect from your core power. The key to rotational hitting is turning your back leg from your hips, producing enough speed to take the weight off your back foot; allowing you to spin on the tips of your toes. Rotation improves lower body hitting mechanics, unlocking your kinetic chain; catapulting your upper body to a powerful swing.”


Clinton Balgera inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Hitting Aid and founder of the Multi-Swing Method

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Image: The Kinetic Chain, big muscles leading your small muscles.

Image: Practice one hand isolation drills to improve your rotational hitting skills. Avoid over-swinging with your arms/upper-body; focus on turning the back leg from your core/hips, reaching the tips of your toes at contact.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Correct core mechanics improves bat speed and power. Avoid focusing on your arms, the engine room for rotational power hitting is your core.

Fast rotation is critical for hitting a dominant up-and-inside fastball. Our rotational hitting aid trains a compact and powerful swing.

Multi-Swing Method
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