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Baseball Swing Progression

Baseball Training Aids For Swing Progression


You’re better off considering the player’s challenges he overcame to get a perfect baseball swing

As the inventors of the hottest hitting aid on the planet, our goal is to share footage from players all over the world, highlighting progression so others can learn.

Higher Resistance Laser Blast Drills
Improve bat speed, rotation, fix a casting baseball swing

During Laser Blast drills, to fix a long swing allow the ball to travel closer to home plate. Our baseball training aid guides you to a compact, and powerful swing. Allowing coaches and parents to focus on the basics of hitting mechanics, in this case tracking the ball longer, making contact closer to your body; fixing mistakes such as, casting, lunging, jumping out, pulling off the ball, and reducing strikeouts.


Laser Blast Drills to improve plate discipline, and reduce strikeouts

Here’s a new training exercise recommended to MLB Superstar Eric Thames

“Get into the cage for a few rounds of Laser Blast Front Toss, and tell your coach to randomly toss the ball out of the strike zone, don’t swing; take the pitch at the very last second, avoid disconnecting your arms away from your body. Drive your back elbow into your torso, keeping your hands back, allowing your core muscles to take the force; coaching to lay off “hard and late-breaking” sliders, and sinkers on gameday.”

Clinton Balgera, Inventor of Exoprecise

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