Top Hand Side Toss Fastball Hitting Drill

Step 2: One Hand Isolation

Top and bottom hand mechanics

Drill: “Laser Beam” top-hand side toss
Rounds: 1
Swings: 10

Drill: “Laser Linea” bottom-hand side toss
Rounds: 1
Swings: 10

Top-Hand Tips

  1. Toss the ball toward the front hip of the player. Top-Hand drills are designed to improve hitting the ball higher or deeper in your contact zone; it’s not intended for a lower pitch.
  2. To isolate your core place your elbow close to your hip, relax your hands and gently let the bat head drop behind you.
  3. Lead with your hips and turn your back foot with your core (refer to step 1). Whip that bat through. Focus on your hips controlling your swing.
  4. Work to keep the barrel of the bat as flat as possible at contact and hold off on rolling the barrel before or at contact; there’s going to be a point after contact you can roll over. Don’t fight it, whip the bat around your body like nunchucks.
Baseball Training Aid
Top Hand Side Toss Laser Beam Drill


20 Minute Lasers is an optional training program developed by Clinton Balgera, the inventor of the Laser Strap; which improves, bat speed, power, and mechanics for all swing types. Therefore, you can practice using your preferred hitting method.