Batting practice drills. A dominant fastball reduces reaction time, therefore, a short, flat, two hand swing follow through is your only option for success.

Step 3. Laser Blast

Laser Blast Batting Practice

Power Batting Practice To Prepare For Power Pitchers

Making Contact Closer To Your Body

Combining the hitting skills from step 1 and step 2 now it’s time to test your fastball swing mechanics, making contact closer to your body; preparing you for success against the “flame throwing” pitchers in your league.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer

Laser Blast Side Toss

What is Laser Blast?

Laser Blast is the name for any standard baseball batting practice drills, with both arms inside your Laser Power ST.

  • Batting Practice Rounds: 1.
  • Swings Per Batting Practice Round: 10-20.
  • Beginner Location: Middle of home plate, belt high.
  • Advanced Location: Inside of home plate, belly button high.
  • Optional Drills: Tee-drill, front toss, heavy bat, on-field batting practice, and intrasquad hitting.
  • Optional Resistance Setting: Reduce the size of your baseball swing trainer, increasing the resistance to fix a long, reaching, lunging, and casting baseball swing; guiding you to compact, fastball hitting mechanics.
Laser Power Swing Trainer

Automatic Mechanics


A dominant fastball reduces reaction time, therefore, a short, and flat follow through; is your only option for success!

Minimize swing movement to isolate your core power.

Creating an angle on the swing path, by deliberately lifting your baseball swing follow through, is an unnatural movement for deeper contact. This motion triggers your back shoulder to overextend, knocking your head off the ball, over-rotation of your back foot; disrupting your balance. Therefore, we recommend a short, and flat swing plane, otherwise, you’ll undercut the hard, and flat trajectory of a dominant fastball; reducing contact accuracy.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Hitting the baseball closer to your body, avoid an early release of your top-hand during your follow through. In this case, using a long, and loopy one hand swing follow through is an unnatural movement; making it difficult to hit a dominant fastball.

If you’re deliberately using long, and loopy baseball swing follow through, and don’t want to change your method; we recommend this style of Laser Blast batting practice for a “backup plan,” confronting the best pitchers in clutch situations.

Low Elbow Drill

#LaserBlast Low Elbow Drill. Automatic/Reflex Mechanics. Increase resistance, isolating the #Baseball #Softball "blast" #Hitting phase, limiting the influence of the arms; adapting to use core muscles. See more #HittingMechanics, #MultiSwingMethod #LaserPowerST

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Laser Power Swing Trainer

#LaserBlast Front Toss Heavy Bat (Optional) - Increasing resistance, training a compact swing. #MultiSwingMethod Automatic Mechanics: "I'm not passionate about the Laser Power ST because I'm the inventor, I'm passionate, as I know it works. Testing the original model throughout my final season, feeling the improvement in #BatSpeed, mechanics, and strength. Skyrocketing statistics, comparing, the previous season; elevating from a miserable 180avg to a 380avg, more #HomeRuns, walks, and fewer strikeouts." Presented by #ClintonBalgera - Inventor of #Exoprecise the driving force behind the #LaserPowerSwingTrainer (#LaserPowerST) - Founder Multi-Swing Method

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20 Minute Lasers is a free access baseball hitting program (works for softball), coaching the basics of hitting, overload for strength, underload for bat speed, and game day hitting; by the inventor of our Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera, providing one example of the infinite ways you can hit. Our baseball swing trainer works for all swings, therefore, you can practice as usual; and seamlessly integrate with your favorite hitting drills. Additionally, 20 Minute Lasers introduces the basics of our groundbreaking Multi-Swing Method.