Laser Strap Softball

Step 3 Laser Blast

Strength & Bat Speed Drill

Training Option 3) MULTI-SWING METHOD Advanced Laser Blast - force/core power: power contact close to your body’s center (condense) Advanced Laser Blast drills, set to high tension; isolating deeper contact zones. Example; hitting a dominant +95 mph fastball where time decreases to cover distance due to the increase in speed. Therefore, contact is closer to your body. HIT YOUR WAY The Laser Strap Is Adjustable And Morphs To Your Swing. Therefore, You Can Swing Any Way You Decide. STRENGTH, SPEED AND PRECISION TOOL; IMPROVING POWER FOR ALL TYPES OF SWINGS. Swinging uninhibited, our Laser Strap is adaptable to all hitting methods. Implement your current hitting program with any drill. Standard Laser Blast: Mid-resistance with both arms inside, Standard Isolation: Remove either arm for isolation drills. For example, Standard Laser Whip; Mid-resistance removing your front arm. Learn about the 3 ways to train

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, December 23, 2017