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Step 4. Laser Whip

Batting Practice Drills

Laser Whip: Power, and Extension

Best batting practice drills for home run power, and 2-strike hitting

Step 3 batting practice, prepares you for hitting a dominant fastball; “so, what’s next?” Try our Laser Whip batting practice drills to increase home run power and extension, additionally, for advanced players; learn how to improve plate coverage for two-strike hitting.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Whip

#MultiSwingMethod Side-Toss #BattingPractice Plan Final: #LaserWhip top hand release, increasing plate coverage, and bottom/lead hand strength. Combining automatic, and thinking #HittingMechanics for complete #PowerHitting

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Laser Power Swing Trainer

Laser Whip Side/Front Toss

What is Laser Whip?

Laser Whip is the name for baseball batting practice drills, with your back arm inside your Laser Power ST.

  • Batting Practice Rounds: 1.
  • Swings Per Batting Practice Round: 10-20.
  • Beginner Location: Middle of home plate, belt high.
  • Advanced Location: Outside of home plate, knee high.
  • Optional Drills: Tee-drill, front toss, on-field batting practice, and intrasquad hitting.
  • Optional Set Up: Raise your back elbow in your batting stance, creating extra resistance to increase bat speed.
Laser Whip

#LaserWhip - No #hitting trainer is more time efficient and effective. Feel more #BatSpeed and consistency with a powerful and repeatable #baseballswing / #baseball #softball #batting #LaserPowerST #MultiSwingMethod

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Laser Whip Part 2 Part 1: Standard #LaserWhip. Isolating #BatSpeed, increasing strength, coaching "connected" backside mechanics. Part 2: #MultiSwingMethod, Laser Whip, One Hand Finish. Increasing swing extension, and bottom/lead hand strength. Our #LaserPowerST is the secret weapon of schools, colleges, and pro teams; around the world. #SportPrecise - Unrestricted training, swing as normal; during regular BP.

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  • Extending to hit a belt high, and middle contact zone is the simplest swing to master, therefore, you can decide to use a one, or two hand baseball swing follow through; depending on your top, or bottom hand dominant swing strength, refer to our Multi-Swing method to learn more.
  • To improve plate coverage, and power for “low and outside” contact zones, release your top-hand as you feel pressure on you back shoulder, before it overextends; strengthening your bottom hand.
  • If you’re deliberately using 2-hand grip follow through, and don’t want to change your method; we recommend our advanced Laser Whip batting practice drill for a “backup plan,” confronting a dominant fastball pitcher, who also delivers late-breaking sliders, split fingers, or change ups; handy for expanding your strike zone, with a two-strike batting count.
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As you stay through the ball, resistance builds strength in your shoulders, and core muscles.


20 Minute Lasers is a free access baseball hitting program (works for softball), coaching the basics of hitting, overload for strength, underload for bat speed, and game day hitting; by the inventor of our Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera, providing one example of the infinite ways you can hit. Our baseball swing trainer works for all swings, therefore, you can practice as usual; and seamlessly integrate with your favorite hitting drills. Additionally, 20 Minute Lasers introduces the basics of our groundbreaking Multi-Swing Method.