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Step 4 Laser Whip

Voluntary Muscle Strengthening

WILL I FEEL MUSCLE FATIGUE AND BURN SENSATION AKIN TO A GYM WORKOUT? "Two primary muscles worked with Exoprecise technology are conscious, for example, raised elbow in your batting stance (seen in the excellent video example below). Secondly, subconscious (automatic or involuntary), occurring in a blink of an eye. Most Laser Strap drills occur during a subconscious/automatic state. During the video example, this happens when the player swings as normal; he's not thinking, he's hitting in an "automatic" state of mind. Precise resistance generated by Exoprecise products is set at a level to trigger automatic muscles, science for which our brand received the honor of a global patent; too much tension and your conscious muscles take over, not enough and it's worthless. The revolutionary design and structure of Exoprecise hit the mark. Automatic muscles are durable, less prone to fatigue; therefore you're, "getting a workout without working out." The next day or two or three is when you'll feel muscle soreness associated with a gym workout, the exact muscles used for power hitting. Muscles you can't workout in a gym. Deeper intrinsic core muscles, intercostals, top forearm muscles, rear deltoid acceleration, and deceleration. Now that's some cool stuff. How do I know this? Because I've used it myself." Clinton Balgera, Inventor: Exoprecise Technology, incl. the Laser Strap. Founded Methodologies: Movement Precise, Sport Precise, 2-Swing Technique. Director: Exoprecise Group.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, September 23, 2017
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