Power Hitting Aids Baseball Laser Power Swing Trainer Swing Trainer

Step 5. Baseball Hitting Program

Game Day Bat Training

Comparison Round

Step 3 and Step 4 of your previous bat training coaches you to hit all pitch locations for power. Step 5 is a comparison round, remove your Laser Power Swing Trainer, and wear around your waist; noticing an instant increase in bat speed, and power. Advanced players, hit the baseball in multiple locations, for example, “up and inside,” and “low and outside;” and learn how to hit challenging pitch locations for power. Coaches, avoid forecasting the pitch location, allow the players to “close their mind, and open their eyes,” improving reflexes, and instinct; critical for hitting in clutch situations on game day.

Power Hitting Aids Baseball Laser Power Swing Trainer Swing Trainer

Bat Training For Game Day Power

Free Swing. Comparison Drill
  • Batting Practice Rounds: 1.
  • Swings Per Batting Practice Round: 10-20.
  • Beginner Location: Middle of home plate, belt high.
  • Advanced Location: Inside, and outside of home plate, knee, and belly button high.
  • Optional Drills: Tee-drill, front toss, on-field batting practice, and intrasquad hitting.


20 Minute Lasers is a free access baseball hitting program (works for softball), coaching the basics of hitting, overload for strength, underload for bat speed, and game day hitting; by the inventor of our Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera, providing one example of the infinite ways you can hit. Our baseball swing trainer works for all swings, therefore, you can practice as usual; and seamlessly integrate with your favorite hitting drills. Additionally, 20 Minute Lasers introduces the basics of our groundbreaking Multi-Swing Method.

Baseball Swing Trainer

Our baseball swing trainer instantly increases bat speed, strengthens hitting muscles, and guides you to a perfect swing path; developing “muscle memory” for a powerful, and precise game day swing.