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Coaching A Power Swing To Beginners

Purpose: Isolating Deep Contact Zones And Explosive Core Power

Our Power Swing Trainer takes care of the hardest parts of your swing; keeping you connected so that you can focus on the basics

Hitting Infographic

Laser Blast Tips for contact closer to your body, belt-high or above

The following sequence is designed to teach the fundamentals of core power, developing your hitting foundation

Part 1: Engaging Your Core

  • Use a balance ball sized to the height, which is above your knees.
  • Begin by isolating your batting stance.
  • Spread out, squeeze your knees, hold your position.
  • In order to hit with your core, you need to engage your core muscles. Many players set up with their weight on their knees. As soon as you take your weight on your knees, you disengage your core. A strong batting stance engages the muscles that start from the top of the knee all the way up to the top of the groin. This drill strengthens your critical power hitting muscles.
  • Spread out over the balance ball and squeeze your knees into the middle of the ball without pushing your knees over your feet. This will get you into a good position for your core to take your weight in our batting stance, strengthening core muscles.
  • Squeeze your knees into the balance ball. Again, ensure your knees do not go over your feet.
  • Double check your weight is on the inside balls of your feet, and toward your big inner toes.
  • After a few repetitions, you can begin to hit.

Part 2: Removing the Balance Ball

Remove the balance ball and imagine it’s still in between your legs.

Laser Blast Basics
  • Place your weight on the inside balls of your feet, and do the same sequence again.
  • Relax your upper-body, imaging you are squeezing the ball, inward turn of the front knee, and rotate the back foot.
  • Start with your hands relaxed at the top of the strike zone.
  • Toss the ball at belt-height.
  • Start your swing load using an inward turn with the front knee.
  • Rotate the back foot.
  • Focus on whipping the barrel of the bat to the ball, using your core.
  • Don’t Reach for the Ball. Track the ball and allow the ball to travel. Some of you are not accustomed to a short, and compact swing, your brain is telling you to reach for the ball. Let it travel; our power swing trainer gives you instant bat speed so you can wait longer. There are many benefits to letting the ball travel, including; improved batter’s eye, and consistent contact.
  • Avoid, unnaturally lifting the bat post-contact, as you’ll knock your head off the ball, for deep contact zones we recommend to use a short and flat swing path; the high contact zone provides the lift for you.
  • Avoid releasing your top-hand with contact closer to your body. If you have a top-hand release swing, think of this as an isolation drill, a backup plan when facing a dominant fastball pitcher, or use it as your two-strike hitting approach.
Laser Power Swing Trainer: Power Hitting Aid
Laser Power Swing Trainer: Power Hitting Aid

*Note the following are recommendations (not essential), due to the versatile nature of our power swing trainer, you can train using any hitting style or philosophy.

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