Get more bat speed for power, and accuracy when making contact with the baseball.

Tee Drills To Increase Bat Speed

How To Increase Bat Speed

Bat Speed Tee-Drills

To increase game day bat speed, practice, and prepare yourself to hit the fastest pitches; on the extremities of home plate. Opposingly, only practicing to hit a belt high, slow moving pitch, right down the middle of home plate; and swinging for the home run fence, you’ll develop a long game day swing.

Baseball Training Aids

Image: Staying connected to your swing increases bat speed, and power.

How Does Laser Blast Tee Drill Improving Your Swing?

  • Increasing bat speed by accelerating your swing. When you load your back elbow separates away from your body it pushes against our bat speed trainer; as you start your swing resistance, triggers acceleration, increasing your bat speed.
  • Improves game day bat speed. Continually training with a compact and powerful swing path improves the performance of you fast twitch hitting muscles. Providing you with “bat speed muscle memory” for game day power.
  • Connecting you to your core,  training the perfect hands-inside-the-ball swing.
  • Improve hitting mechanics. Our bat speed trainer guides you to a powerful swing path, giving you the opportunity to improve basic core mechanics.

Video: Increase bat speed with 3 simple tee drills.

Hitting Tips To Increase Your Bat Speed

  • Spread out past shoulder width.
  • Try to squeeze your knees into each other.
  • Weight on inside balls of feet.
  • Relax arms above the top of strike zone.
  • Slight tilt at the waist.
  • Relax your back elbow, and lower it closer to your body.
  • Don’t try to pull the ball! Focus on hitting a line drive, back up the middle of the hitting cage.
  • Keep your head down throughout your entire swing.
  • Try to hit the ball with backspin and watch the trajectory of the ball. If the ball tails it means your dropping the barrel head at contact, caused by a weak top-hand, hitting the high ball, or a weak a bottom-hand hitting the low ball.
  • Stay balanced on your follow through. Falling off-balanced is caused from over-swinging and pulling off the baseball.
Hitting Infographic

Image: Increase bat speed using a compact swing path to hit a dominant fastball pitcher.

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