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Top Hand Side Toss

Combining a heavy bat, top hand side toss, and our bat speed trainer coaches all the critical elements to increase bat speed for facing a dominant fastball.

Bat Speed Hitting Trainer

Image: Top hand bat speed training drills improve rotational mechanics, focus less on swinging the bat with your arms; visualize turning the back leg from your core muscles.

  • Train the perfect “hands-inside-the-baseball” swing, growing confidence to hit the inside fastball, any doubt during your game day at-bats; triggers rushing, lunging, and flying open.
  • Improve rotational mechanics, generating your power baseball swing using core muscles.
  • Improve hitting a high, and dominant fastball; with less time to react, contact is closer to your body. Opposingly, your bottom hand plays a critical role hitting pitches lower in the zone, or contact away from your body.
  • Balance the strength of your baseball swing, critical for players with a weak top hand.
  • Advanced players can use a heavy bat, increasing bat speed, and power to hit “next level” pitching.

Bat Speed Training Tips

  1. Toss the ball between the belly button and the front hip.
  2. Focus on whipping the bat to the ball using your hips, generate your back foot rotation from your core/hip-joint. To identify correct foot rotation, look for spinning on the toes.
  3. Head movement (look out for the head flying off the ball).
  4. Front foot mechanics (look for lunging) from a side on view.

How To Hit Increase Bat Speed To Hit A Major League Fastball

Our bat speed training aid provides a simple solution to improve your bat speed, for heavy bat drills allow the ball to travel closer to your body, and explode with using your core muscles. Our baseball swing trainer guides you to hands-inside-the-baseball; critical to increase bat speed, helping you to hit an inside fastball with backspin, as opposed to reaching, and pulling the baseball with topspin.

Clinton Balgera, Inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer

Money Drill: Laser Beam.

Simple physics lesson to all the "launch angle" experts. Variable 1 + Variable 2 = Result If you're going to chat about launch angles like you're a physics expert, next time take into account the pitch type. Otherwise, you're providing misinformation, and destroying the swings of young players. With this in mind, you'll have to reconsider any hitting methods based on launch angles. Still don't get it? Watch this video to understand more. Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise Technology, including the Laser Strap; shares expert tips for success against dominant fastballs. The same advice provided to our first superstar customer, Eric Thames who bamboozled the baseball world in April 2017; crushing "Laser Beam" home runs against, +95 mph "up-and-inside." Apparently, it's impossible to hit this pitch type; unless you know how to use our Laser Strap. The Money Drill: Laser Beam. Level: Advanced. 1) Bat Type: Weighted training bat. 2) Height: Belt-to-chest. 3) Location: Middle-Inside to inside-corner. 4) Contact Area: deeper. 5) Grip: Shortening grip on the handle. 6) Stance: Spread out, knees pinching inward. 7) Weight Distribution: Inside and front balls of feet. 8) Back Arm: Relaxed and connected to the torso. 9) Front Arm: Resting on back shoulder. 10) Load: Small in turn of the front knee. 11) Swing Circumference: Small. 12) Follow Through: whipping the bat around your torso. 13) Swing Angle: Flatter Thanks to Jack Smalpage for participating in the video.

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Bat Speed Training Guide

Step 1

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Start your swing load with a small turn of your front knee.

Step 2

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Allow your hips swing the bat, and your hips rotate your back foot.

Step 3

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Our bat speed trainer helps with “staying connected” to your swing.

Step 4

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Using a heavy bat strengthens your top forearm muscles, critical for keeping your bat level at contact.

Step 5

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Keep your head still, focusing on the ball, and avoid rolling your wrists before contact.

Step 6

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer

Image: Whip the bat around your body when you feel pressure on your back shoulder; the moment before your shoulder overextends.

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