Power Swing Hitting Aid

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Disciplined pull-hitting drill for advanced hitters
  • Level: Advanced hitting.
  • Drill Type: Front Toss
  • Laser Strap Set Up: Laser Beam (top-hand isolation).
  • Bat: Heavy Training Bat.
  • Purpose: Train mechanics for “up-and-inside” fastball where the ball is up on you quick, and you’ve minimal time to react.
  • Objective: Pull the ball, however, keep it in fair territory.
  • Problem: Player rolled over trying to hit the pitch up the middle.
  • Adjustment: Instead of trying to hit the ball up the middle he focused on, disciplined pull-side power hitting.
  • Contact Depth: Deep.
  • Contact Height: Above the belt.
  • Swing Path: Short, and flat, whipping around your body like nunchucks.
Power Swing Hitting Aid

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Clinton Balgera is the inventor of Exoprecise, the technology powering our baseball swing trainer and founder of the Multi-Swing Method. Over 20 years of international hitting experience, 6 years in the USA, 7 years in Italy, and Australia. Career highlights include MVP of the NJCAA 2 World Series, a full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, and MVP of the Australian Baseball League.