A to Z of Tee


Key Points

  • Covering the plate: Hitting the challenging pitches.
  • Balance: Staying in the legs, core/lower-half turn, adjusting to the change of speed to prevent lunging, harnessing your power.
  • Multi-Swing Method: Top hand release, reaching the low, and outside pitch.
  • Approach: Staying up the middle, and the opposite-field.
  • Self-analysis: Learning about your swing, how to fix mistakes; watching the ball travel.
  • Isolating critical parts of the swing: Keeping the head down at contact, preventing the front shoulder from pulling-out early.
  • The x-factors of hitting: Fine-tuning the load for timing.
  • Game-day autopilot: Relax, allowing the eyes to trigger your load.
  • Heavy bat: Increasing the strength of the secondary hitting muscles; forearms, and biceps.
Hybrid, Multi-Swing Method
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