30 Min. Home Practice Plan

About The Video

  • Length: 1 minute, and 35 seconds.
  • Creator: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, and founder of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Product: Exoprecise hitting trainer.
  • Overview: 30 minute home practice plan, elevating your power-hitting game. Strengthening, and stabilizing the core hitting muscles, acceleration/deceleration, sharpening your barrel-control, coaching the proper turn-control, and introducing the Multi-Swing Method. The result? Increasing your bat speed/power, and batting average.
  • Setup: Laser Reflex, Laser Blast, Laser Whip, and Laser Beam.
  • Exercises: 14, approximately 2 minutes per exercise.
  • Sets: 1-3
  • Repetitions: 10-20
  • Multi-Swing Method: Reflex, Think, and Hybrid mechanics.
Hitting Exercises for Baseball/Softball

1) Stance: Spread-out, straight, and athletic.
2) Weight Distribution: Balance ball, knee-squeeze.
3) Weight Distribution: Knee-squeeze.
4) Turn-Control: Balancing, and bat-turn.
5) Turn-Control: Knee-in, turn, and hold.
6) Reflex Mechanics: Knee-squeeze, load, and turn.
7) Strength: Trailing elbow, loading raise.
8) Strength: Leading elbow, extending raise.
9) Strength: Two-handed, extending raise.
10) Reflex Mechanics: Nun-chucks, heavy bat optional.
11) Reflex Mechanics: Trailing hand, turn, and hold.
12) Reflex Mechanics: Hips, before hands dry-swings; compact movement, two-handed finish.
13) Hybrid Mechanics: Laser Whip, dry-swings; compact movement, trailing hand, release, finish.
14) Think Mechanics: Laser Blast dry-swings, elongating swing movement; two-handed finish for the dominant, trailing hand player, for example, H/T R/R. Top-hand release for the dominant, leading hand player, for example, H/T L/R.

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