Baseball Hitting Workout At Home

Laser Power Swing Home Workout

One of the best features of our baseball swing trainer is for the busy slugger, with limited time for batting practice – allocate 30 minutes of home training and elevate your power game. All you have to do is swing, no baseball or softball is needed, requiring minimal space to train. Strengthening and stabilizing deep layer core muscles to raise your batting power, sharpening barrel control, and rotational hitting mechanics; developing the acceleration, and deceleration muscles in your shoulders to boost bat speed. The result? A pro power baseball or softball swing!

Power Hitting Workout Plan

8 Exercises

3 Sets Of 10 Repetitions Per Exercise

Part 1 Fix A Long Swing

Basics of Rotation: Turning from your core.

Stance And Weight Distribution: Batting stance marker drill.

Rotational Power: Hips before hands.

Bat Speed: Dry swings; optional heavy bat training.

Part 2 Strength Workout

Slowly raise and lower your back elbow

Hitting Workout
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