Basic Hitting Tips

    Power Swing Trainer For Beginners

    Baseball and Softball Basic Tips

    Power Loading

    All it takes to generate coil in the hips, is to turn your front knee in and lift your leg from your hips. Avoid loading straight back, putting too much weight on your back foot. Remain balanced throughout your swing load, pushing against your back leg; not over it.


    Lifting your front foot of the ground, triggers a tilt in your shoulders. To prevent dipping your shoulders, point your front shoulder down as you load, acting as a counter-balance; keeping your shoulders level.

    Lead With Your Hips And Keep Your Hands Back

    If your hands lead your swing, you disconnect from your core power, finding it difficult to “hold up” with late breaking pitches, reduces bat speed, and triggers hitting mistakes such as casting. Begin your swing by rotating your back leg from your hips, keeping your hands back; making adjustments to changes in pitch speed, and late movement.

    Basic Hitting Tips
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