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Loading for a fastball

Generate coil in the hips, lifting your leg, turning your front knee in. Avoid loading straight back, placing the weight on your back foot; balancing throughout the swing load, aim to push against the back leg, without, bending your knee over the toes.


Lifting your front foot off the ground, dips the shoulders, counteracting angle the front shoulder at the knee as you load, counter-balancing, keeping the shoulders level.

Lead With Your Hips And Keep Your Hands Back

The hands leading your swing, disconnects the core, as a result, it’s challenging to “hold up,” facing the late-breaking slider, reducing your bat speed, triggering the long swing path. Rotating the back leg from your hips, keeping your hands back, accommodating, adjustments to the changes of pitch velocity, and movement.

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Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

Wearing the #LaserBST (#BatSpeedTrainer), how it works, benefits, design, #SpringTraining BP tips, Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; elongating swing path, extending, ahead in the batting count.

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